The Impact of Technology on Adoptees


Technology has countless blessings on mankind. As technology has made its way in every matter of our lives, one of its profound effects of technology can be seen on the adoption process as well. Back in the old days, the process of adoption was quite hard. With the arrival of the internet, it is now … Read more

Nvidia DGX-2 is the World’s Most Expensive and Largest AI GPU

NVidia DGX-2

Deep learning has completely changed modern AI. This important algorithm that can automatically detect the important features out of data and can construct knowledge representation is amazing. Deep learning has sculpted modern AI and the thing that deep learning needs though is tons of data and more importantly tons of computing. NVidia has advanced so … Read more

AI-based Application That Can Predict How Long Will You Live

AI based apps

This AI-based Application Can Tell How Long Will You Live. Now you might be taking this app just like other fun apps on Google Play Store. However, this application is something different at all. ?Gero Lifespan? is an AI-based application that collects data based on your daily activities like sleeping, running, eating, etc. AI based … Read more