The Future of Travel Technology is Promising

the future of travel technology 2018

For a couple of months, we are hearing that some companies are suspending their self-driving programs. Mainly, Uber, NVidia, and Toyota all announced that within the past couple of weeks. And all this happened due to a crash of a self-driving Uber car in Arizona. However, one airport despite all this is moving towards the … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S8 Beats iPhone X

samsung 8 vs iphone x

Samsung Galaxy S8 Beats iPhone X. Well the iPhone lovers might be thinking that they have got the best phone in the form of iPhone X. No matter iPhone X in Pakistan and other parts of the world was the best thing we have seen so far in 2017. However? the benchmarks made by different … Read more

Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Phone’s Untold Story

Samsung Galaxy X foldable

Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Phone’s Untold Story. From the products unveiled at CES 2018, it is obvious that Foldable technology is on its way. Especially the tech products by Samsung look inspired by the folding concept. In the future flexible technology will become a reality. Samsung’s CEO has revealed Samsung Galaxy X Foldable phone was … Read more