How Much E-waste Is Produced Each Year in USA? (Detailed Report)

ewaste in united states each year

Electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) that has been thrown as waste by its owner without the intention of reuse is referred to as electronic waste or e-waste. In various parts of the world and various contexts, electronic waste is also known as WEEE (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment), electronic waste, or e-scrap. Almost any … Read more

Six Amazing Ways to Travel the World Virtually In 2023

virtual tourism

Most of the world is still reeling from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Given the fast-evolving nature of the international response to the virus, it’s uncertain when global travel can go back to pre-pandemic levels. It looks like it’s going to be a while before we can safely get back on the road. But … Read more

The Impact of Technology on Adoptees


Technology has countless blessings on mankind. As technology has made its way in every matter of our lives, one of its profound effects of technology can be seen on the adoption process as well. Back in the old days, the process of adoption was quite hard. With the arrival of the internet, it is now … Read more