Monster Hunter World Tips to Play

Hunting might be a hobby for most of us. Well, you might have heard of hunting animals in the forest. Have you ever thought of hunting down the Monster in your life? If not then here is your chance to do it. Monster Hunter World is going to be released on January 26, 2018, from Capcom platform. Definitely, every gaming platform like PC, PS4, and Xbox One will enjoy it. Here are some Monster Hunter World tips if you are new to the franchise.

Monster hunter world tips

What should we expect from Beta Release?

Monster Hunter franchise has millions of fans around the world. For the people who are new to the franchise, it might be a little trickier to play it. While those gamers who played the previous version better know how to take down monsters. So far from the beta gameplay of Monster Hunter World, we learned not that much. The main aim of the game is to team up with three other players and start your hunt. The hunting world is rich in detailed graphics and landscapes making it fun to play.

Some Monster Hunter World tips

As long as you proceed in the game you can craft more powerful weapons to hunt. Similarly, the difficulty level increases as you have to face more powerful monsters. Nearly every mission will end up offering you something to keep or sell. Weapon crafting system in the game looks a bit difficult to understand at the start. But you will get used to it once you spend some time playing the game.

Even the game controls are not that much complicated. Your attacking moves are limited to 2 buttons. This is something that allows you fluid and smooth gameplay. But wait for a moment, making controls simple doesn?t leave gameplay simple. Just keep in mind that combat system in the game and hunting depends upon your weapons. A combination of different weapons like swords, blades and long-range bows will affect your gameplay.

Love your weapons

In the game, each mission is expected to be different from the other. Therefore different weapons are required to take down different monsters. It is important to know your weapons before you take down any monster. Every monster in the game has its own characteristics, speed, and attacking pattern. To make a difference between defeat and victory you must know the next move of your enemy.

Know your Team

Playing as a team to hunt down monster is not an easy task. As a team, there should be good communication and be choosing accurate weapon to defeat monsters. So make sure always choose a team of the people you know better. You can team up with friends rather than some unknown person from the online servers. Study the attacking pattern of the monsters and communicate them with other members. Defeating your enemy with teamwork is one of the best Monster Hunter World tips.

Try again and again

You and your team members will get defeated for many times by the monsters. Do not give up and try again with an alternative strategy. Just learn from your defeat and change the combination of weapons. Well playing the game as a team is much fun but you can play on your own as well. However the strategies and weapons you select will still be applicable to defeat your enemy.

Finally, these were some of the best Monster hunter world tips we collected by playing the beta version. We do recommend you playing this game because it feels so realistic once you play it. We had already seen 2 beta versions of the game and still, there is third to come before it is finally released on January 26.