Xbox One is one of the most popular gaming consoles on the market. And you can find plenty of games for young gamers on this platform that is harder to find on PS4. We did some research and found the most engaging games for 5 years old kids that are packed with tons of fun for the whole family.

So all the games we will list here are non-violent and super fun for little boys and girls.


These are some of the most age-appropriate games for kids below 8 years of age.

1. Super Lucky’s Tale

Compatibility: PC, Playstation 4, Xbox one

Recommended age for the game: Four to Seven years old.

Key Features

  •  If you are interested in making your children experience those old versions of gaming consoles, this is for you. It will make you nostalgic and bring your children to experience those times of 3D-style games which you were fond of! This game is an extremely polished director’s cut of a solid 3D platformer.
  • The main character that the player will be playing is “Lucky.”  He is just a boy impersonated as a sweet little fox trying to halt the evil plans of Jinx, which are to steal the ancient Book of Ages.  Quite an adventure itself,  Right?
  • It has got professional-looking animations that are going to take your gaming experience to a whole new level.
  • The game continues to remain in a simple premise, and so it is best for Xbox one console whereas could be set up on a Nintendo switch.

 2. Overcooked

Compatibility: PC, Playstation 4, Xbox one

Recommended age for the game: Five to Eight years old.

Key Features

  • If you are looking for more than just entertainment for your children, this game is the right game. It will help your children equip the understanding and qualities of teamwork and cooperation in an advanced method.
  • Overcooked is a game of learning. It is a perfect game with four-player control who has to manage four chefs’ personalities and then also the meals.
  • It’s a fun party game with a fun cooperative experience.


3. Spyro Trilogy

Compatibility: PC, Playstation 4, Xbox one

Recommended age for the game: Four to seven years old.

Key Features

  • If you are attached with old classic characters just like that purple dragon who won our hearts? This game has amusingly recreated those memorable characters to win your children’s hearts!
  • Spyro games are plain and simple, with entertaining characters tagged for some easy missions and simple puzzles to complete.
  • It is such a light game to play that you might expect yourself to hold up gaming control along with your little one!

4. Minecraft

Compatibility: PC, Playstation 3-4-Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360-One

Recommended age for the game: Four to seven years old.

Key Features

  • The square characters of lego generations have come to reality to help your children virtually experience their world. Minecraft has created a world of legos in itself.
  • This game is filled with life lessons that your children will learn with fun. It will enhance your children’s abilities by making them more creative, adventure lovers, team players, and more.
  • The whole experience of this game is incredibly energizing for your children.

5.  Kingdom Hearts 3

Compatibility: PC, Playstation 4, Xbox one

Recommended age for the game: Four to six years old.

Key Features

  • This game is so colorful that it brings a fantasy world where your child’s definitive dreams get genuine. It is a combination of Final Fantasies and Few of Disney’s most popular franchises.
  • This is, without a doubt, an epic consolidation to take your children’s gaming experience to another plane.
  • Who is not fascinated by the characters of Goofy and Donald Duck? We all are right! These two famous characters are going to accompany your main character Sora.
  • Here your kid will get to team up with Goofy and Donald Duck and impersonate Sora to take their fight forward through the delightful grounds of Disney and will meet other well-known characters.

What to Look for in Xbox One Games for a 5 Years Old Kid?

Not every games on the Xbox platform is appropriate for kids, so parents have to look for few factors before buying games for kids aged below 8 years.


Make sure the game you choose offers some kind of physical activity for kids. Xbox One games for kids like Dance Dance Revolution is full of fun and physical moves to keep you little one busy.


Parents must opt for Xbox one games that enable kids to learn about the world around them. Games that improve math and science skills provide fun and learning at the same time.


No doubt, playing video games sparks creativity in kids. Some educational games even teach kids to solve puzzles and logical problems.