Artificial Intelligence & Google’s Ranking Algorithm

Just for a moment go back to that time when you searched for Artificial Intelligence on Google and you got Artificial Flowers. in your search results. Of course, the results were erratic when companies like Yahoo, AOL, and Google were struggling to deliver their best to people. It was a common thing back at that time when results were completely unrelated to your search.

Thanks to Google and Bing, later on, introduced Artificial Intelligence to improve search results and deliver the audience the best they could. Day by day search results got better and now you get thousands of different answers to a single keyword you type. At this part, there is no need to thank Google or Bing but hats off to AI.

AI helps search engines like Google or Bing to match their ultimate needs. Now every time a human searches for a specific keyword on Google, AI keeps an eye on it and lets Google improve that search result in the future. This is the reason you see a snippet on Google’s first page called People Also Ask. This snippet tells you that people also search for those items on Google and they don’t find enough information on them.

artificial intelligence and Google ranking alogarithm

Artificial Intelligence and Google’s Own Products

The entire focus of this discussion is Google’s struggle to rank its own products like Google Analytics on top search results. And this is because Artificial Intelligence getting smarter day by day.

AI is so smart that even Google Analytics which is Google’s own product appears in the search results at the bottom of the first page. This is something that happened to me most of the time whenever I searched for Web Analytics on Google. Just check out this image below or search the keyword by yourself in Google.

Be Natural to be on Top

Seriously, I am not an SEO expert but there is one thing I have learned from different blogs on the internet. AI tracks and performs those actions that we humans do in our daily life. So if you write or talk about something in a natural way then there are maximum chances that you will be ranked on top.

If you think that using tons of low-competition keywords on your website can rank you higher, then you are wrong. Artificial Intelligence uses an Algorithm that focuses more on the value of the content rather than keywords.

Finally, Artificial Intelligence has facilitated search engines like Google and Bing to provide high-end results to users. So, anyone who thinks that it’s not possible to outrank Google’s own products is totally wrong. Just do your best to value the audience and let AI do its job.