Video Feedback Save Your Time –Here’s How

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Traditional ways of giving feedback to a product or service are everywhere on the internet. Take an example of eCommerce stores like Amazon & eBay where customers type feedback at the bottom of the page.

However, in the past few years, video feedback is highly preferred by many customers. And now several businesses allow their customers to leave a video or written feedback.

With video feedback, it’s now easier to evaluate positive and negative feedbacks. Moreover, if the reviews are about a product, then buyer can express his feelings and show what is wrong with the product in a recorded video.

Video feedback is now been highly practiced by professors of universities to grade students verbally.

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Good Practices for Providing Video Feedback

Here are some of the practices that you can follow to provide the right video feedback:

Be Specific

As you know that video takes a lot of space to be save on your computer as compared to audio. And if you are recording video in high-quality, then it can increase its size.  

Most platforms that allow users to give video feedback do not allow a video file to be more than 25MB in size. So, make sure the feedback you want to get deliver must be specific and only includes the message that you want to convey.

Don’t Lose the Big Picture

As we’ve mentioned before, the time frame in which you’ve to express your feedback is short, so make sure you don’t miss the important facts that you want to present in the video.

You might get off the topic when you are providing tactical feedback. Make sure include the pros and cons of a product or service inside that short period of time to make your feedback more creative.

Avoid Cliches

Before you start recording your feedback, it’s better to take some time and note down some of the things that you like in a product or service and the things that you don’t.

Recording Video

Once you’ve all the important points in mind to discuss, it’s the time to record your video feedback. Now you can do it in many ways, you can use smartphones or your laptop to record a video. If you are on a laptop and using Windows 10, you can simply turn on your camera and record a video.

However, if you want edit your video in a better way, then we recommend you to use Camtasia. This is a simple to use video editing software for even beginners who don’t have much knowledge of video editing. You can also find tons of helpful tutorials on YouTube on how to record and edit your vides on Camtasia.

Review Your Video

Once you’ve recorded your video, it’s time to review it and see if there are any things you’ve forgot to mention. If you are giving a video feedback for a product, then make sure you’ve mentioned the pros and cons.

Also, don’t forget that the purpose of video feedback is to help others who are willing to buy a specific product or service, so make sure you add value in your video to help others make the decision.


Video feedback is a great way of letting others know how a specific product looks and performs. Just make sure you don’t forget to hit the big picture while recording your feedback.