HP Victus vs HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop (Which One to Choose?)

Among the most well-liked and best-selling gaming laptops on the market are the HP Victus and HP Pavilion models. Both series are renowned for offering an outstanding gaming experience at a fair price.

However, it causes confusion. Which of the two series is superior if they are both so good?

To dispel any misunderstandings, a comparison of the HP Victus and HP Pavilion gaming laptops is presented here.

There are several variations for both the HP Victus and Pavilion series. It is impossible to compare every laptop from one series to every laptop from another.

As a result, we took into account these two laptops from both series and evaluated them in terms of the normal user experience they offer.

If any notable variation from either series stands out in this comparison, we will highlight it.

HP Victus vs HP Pavilion

1. Design and Build Quality

One noticeable difference between the two laptops is the quality of their design and construction.


The HP Victus has opted for a straightforward appearance in contrast to the HP Pavilion Gaming’s appealing and gaming-focused aesthetic.

Now, each of these designs has its advantages.

Due to the hinge’s bottom perforations, the HP Pavilion attracts attention. It is obvious that it’s a gaming laptop.

Such cutouts are absent from the HP Victus. It is appropriate for workplace use and has a more professional appearance.

Therefore, you have complete creative freedom. A design that is primarily geared toward gaming is an option, as well as a basic professional design.


Both laptops are well-made in terms of build quality. These two are made entirely of plastic, just like every other gaming laptop.

However, the overall quality is quite good, so there shouldn’t be any issues.

The HP Victus series does have a slight flaw, though. Victus laptops sway despite being made of solid materials.

Winner in terms of Design and Build:

HP Pavilion

2. Display

The display technology used by the HP Victus and Pavilion is the same. As a result, there is little to no difference in the panel’s quality.

Most of the time, both laptop series generate beautiful colours. However, we have noticed that HP Victus’ display is a little sharper.

The Victus series uses hues that are on the darker end of the colour wheel.

However, you shouldn’t anticipate colours to be as vibrant as those on AMOLED panels. The colours could appear a little odd.  Because both laptops have anti-glare panels.

Well, it doesn’t change the experience for the majority of people. The anti-glare panel has a benefit in that it gets rid of reflections.

When playing games, the refresh rate makes a difference. The HP Victus and Pavilion both provide variable refresh rates in their various iterations.

The Victus has a tiny advantage over the Pavilion in that its bezels are a little bit thinner.

Therefore, both laptops are good in the display department, but the HP Victus is somewhat superior.

Winner in terms of Display:

HP Victus

3. Performance

HP Victus and Pavilion come in a variety of variations, so evaluating performance based on just one or two of those variations is incorrect.

The hardware in your laptop has a direct impact on performance.

The majority of HP Victus and Pavilion models have very identical configurations, but we have discovered that HP Victus has somewhat better gaming performance.

For instance, the less expensive model of both of these laptops has a Ryzen 5 5600H CPU, it’s a powerful chip.

However, the HP Victus and Pavilion’s graphics cards are AMD Radeon RX5500M and GTX 1650, respectively.

At least on paper, the AMD Radeon RX5500M is more potent than the GTX 1650.

The Radeon RX5500M provides higher frames per second in games in the real world as well.

The performance disparity is consistent between all models of both laptops.

Not that we are saying the HP Pavilion is a lousy gamer. All we are saying is that the gaming experience on the HP Victus is a little bit superior.

Yes, you can perform additional demanding tasks like photo and video editing on both of these laptops.

Winner in terms of Performance:

HP Victus

4. Other Features

Both laptops include many functions, and the majority of users will find these features to be helpful in their daily lives.

Both have RAM upgrades available. While the Pavilion can handle up to 16GB, the HP Victus can support up to 32 GB.

Both devices have respectable battery life given that they contain strong components, however, the HP Victus has a larger and better battery.

Both have plenty of connectivity options. Whether a Type C port, RJ-45, BT 5.2, or WiFi 6 is used. There are numerous options for connecting.

The audio quality is also rather high because each has dual B&O speakers attached.

On the HP Victus, the cooling system is a little bit better. MS Office is packaged with the Victus series, but not with the Pavilion series.

Be aware that neither of the series has a fingerprint reader.

Thus, both laptop series has useful features, but Victus offers a wider variety.

Winner in terms of Features:

HP Victus

5. Best Value for Money

Which laptop is the better deal the HP Victus or the HP Pavilion?

Because both laptops are similarly priced, customers find it difficult to choose one.

However, we will simplify things for you. According to our observations, the HP Victus provides better value for your money.

It offers a marginally improved gaming experience, more battery life and more functionalities.

The HP Pavilion is not inferior in any manner. In actuality, the HP Pavilion Gaming 15 is a fantastic laptop for the money thanks to its Ryzen 5 5600H processor and RTX 3050Ti GPU.

However, when all the options are considered, the HP Victus has an advantage in terms of value.

Winner in terms of Value:

HP Victus

Why HP Victus is Better Than HP Pavilion

HP Victus is one of the top gaming laptop series; the Victus series offers a range of options.

Here are the main arguments in favour of choosing HP Victus vs HP Pavilion:

If you use this laptop frequently, you will enjoy both the gaming and general performance because all of its variations provide the finest gaming experience.

The battery life of Victus laptops is reasonable, which is unusual for gaming laptops.

The HP Victus is the ideal choice if you are looking for the most affordable gaming laptop.

HP Victus Gaming Laptops:


  • outstanding display quality
  • extremely tiny bezels
  • Professionally simple design
  • decent frame
  • Strong CPUs in all configurations
  • High-quality GPU in models
  • superb GPU in entry-level models
  • dependable gaming performance
  • Dual B&O speakers
  • expandable RAM
  • quick charging


  • The lid has a slight wobble.
  • Strange positioning of the power button

How HP Pavilion is Better Than HP Victus

The main arguments for choosing it over HP Victus laptops are listed below.

The Pavilion looks great if you favour a gaming aesthetic. If you get the proper type, the gaming performance is excellent.

One will love playing games or performing daily tasks on this monitor because of its high-quality display.

On the HP Pavilion notebooks, the battery life is likewise respectable. The Victus series, however, has the advantage in this area.


  • a suitable display for gaming
  • slender side bezels
  • Stunning video game design
  • decent frame
  • Strong CPUs in all configurations
  • capable GPU in base to premium models
  • outstanding gaming performance
  • Dual B&O speakers
  • expandable RAM


  • RAM may only be increased by 16GB.

Which of the HP Victus and HP Pavilion is Superior?

Both of these series can easily handle the most demanding games, provided you choose the model with the appropriate CPU and GPU.

Which of these two should you choose to purchase, though?

It’s difficult to name a clear winner, but HP Victus deserves the honour.

The Victus series is currently providing the greatest value in the market for gaming laptops.

All of the variations can provide an engaging game experience. Therefore, it’s a sure thing.

However, HP Pavilion, especially the RTX 3050Ti model, isn’t far behind.

The Pavilion laptops aren’t a bad option either if you want an attractive design but are willing to live with some drawbacks.

In the comparison between HP Victus and HP Pavilion, the HP Victus series comes out on top.

SpecsHP PavilionHP Victus
ProcessorIntel Tiger Lake i5-1135G7AMD Ryzen 5 5600H 6 x 3.3 – 4.2 GHz
Display15.60 “, 16:9, 1920 x 1080 pixels16.10 in. 16:9, 1920 x 1080 pixels. 137 dpi, CMN1609, IPS, Full-HD
Data Storage12 GB memory; 1 TB HDD storage; 256 GB SSD storageSamsung SSD PM981a MZVLB512HBJQ, 512GB


If I had to pick between any of these, then definitely it would be any machine from HP Victus Series. And the reason for that would be the new generation hardware that HP Victus offers over the HP Pavilion Series. Also, it’s difficult to find a powerful HP Pavilion laptop on the market right now. Whereas, the HP Victus machines are everywhere on Amazon, eBay, Newegg, and other marketplaces over the internet. HP Victus laptops are affordable and meant for gamers or content creators who are tight on budget.