Compare Cell Phones Samsung A5 2016 & 2017

Compare Cell Phones Samsung A5 2016 & 2017. When it comes to buying cell phones it becomes pretty difficult to buy the one that fully satisfies you. Recently it has been seen that Samsung is producing its series of phones relevant to the year they are released in.

Well, this thing creates some doubts in the mind of customers who compare cell phones from the previous year with the current and don’t know what to do. So do not get worried as we will discuss with you some phones here that might have caused some confusion in your minds when you go to buy them.

Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 and 2017

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When you compare cell phones you will not see much difference in them. Yet paying some deep look inside you notice significant differences in terms of performance.

However, the 2017 model is using Android 6.0 Marshmallow whereas the A5 2016 uses the old Lollypop 5.0 software. When we talk about chipset the 2017 model is powered by 1.9Ghz Exynos 7 Octa 7880 A-53 Cortex. The 2016 variant uses 7580 with a 1.6Ghz clock to run applications perfectly.

Both the phones are powered by 8 core processors. In terms of gaming 2017 model uses Mali-T830 MP2 GPU which gets boosted by 3GB of Ram.

However, in Samsung A4 2016, we get Mali-T720 which is not much different in performance. 2GB of Ram somehow lags behind the A5 2017 in some cases.

Similarly in Samsung A5 2017, you get 32GB of built-in memory. There is an expansion of Micro SD up to 256GB while in A5 2016 you get limited by just 16GB of memory.

Compare Cell Phones Other Features

Compare cell phone screens, 2016 and 2017 are pretty much similar on pixel density with Super AMOLED display and Corning Gorilla Glass 4 to stay protected from scratches.

However, in the camera section, you get a 16MP camera with A5 2017 model. While in the 2016 model you are getting 13MP. The maximum pixel resolution you get on Samsung A5 2017 is 4608×3456.

This is a little less in the 2016 model with 4128×3096 pixels. Video quality and picture quality is excellent in high light condition whereas normal in low light. In the battery compartment, the A5 2017 model used a 3000mAh battery whereas the 2016 model comes with a 2900mAh.


When you compare cell phones like Samsung A5 2016 & 2017 you are not expecting that much difference but somehow the Samsung A5 2017 performs better than its previous version in details like picture quality, gaming and multi-tasking. Therefore we will recommend you to for Samsung Galaxy A5 2017.