Best Tablet for Zoom Whiteboard [2023]

Zoom has provided one extra facility in the form of Zoom Whiteboard where you can brainstorm your ideas and collaborate with zoom-enabled devices. Zoom Whiteboard allows users to collaborate in real-time while staying within a Zoom meeting.

It allows you to participate and collaborates on a digital canvas. It is an ideal facility for online classes, business meetings, and group sessions.

Once it’s opened, the participants can interact with each other in real-time using images, text, sticky notes, drawings, and more. So, you’ll need a high-quality tablet to easily interact with the Zoom Whiteboard interface.

List of the Best Tablets for Zoom Whiteboard

So we have picked the six best tablets for you to use for the whiteboard application.

1. Apple iPad Pro – Overall Best Tablet for Zoom Whiteboard

best zoom whiteboard tablet
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Apple iPad Pro is one of the best options you can get on the market. It looks fantastic, the screen is big than the last year’s iPad Pro 11.

It is a bit heavier than its predecessor and comes with a large screen for watching movies, video calls, and video conferencing via Zoom meetings or any other online platforms.

You will also understand why this tablet makes a good zoom Whiteboard tool.

If we have to talk about its built quality, I must say it’s pretty solid and made with fine materials, as per Apple standards.

The tablet features a Liquid Retina XDR display that offers high brightness levels when using this tablet in direct sunlight.

The 12.9-inch display size is incredibly bright, boasts a resolution of 2732 x 2048 pixels, and a refresh rate of 120 Hz for an unmatched viewing experience.

It sports an Apple M1 chip and runs on iPadOS. The CPU is pretty impressive with its Octa-core and GPU, 8-Core.

You can expect ultimate performance and gorgeous graphics.

The Apple iPad Pro can handle any task, from gaming to working on anything with ease.

The internal storage options vary from 256GB to 2TB, depending on the model and price.

In this model, you will get 256GB of storage space and RAM size of 6GB.

If you need to play highly demanding games or do graphic work, you should opt for at least 16 GB of RAM.

It comes with 12MP wide camera,10MP Ultra-wide camera, and 7MP TrueDepth front camera with a LIDAR scanner.

The camera quality is impressive, but still, there is enough room for improvement.

There is only one single USB-C port for charging, but it also works as a USB port.

You can connect storage devices to monitors. What’s missing here is a 3.5mm headphone jack for music enthusiasts.

The Apple Pencil has a lovely matt finish and feels like a real pencil. It connects magnetically for storage and wireless charging.

The iPad Pro has a True Depth camera up front, which enables Face id to quickly log into the device.

The iPad Pro-Magic keyboard is a great accessory that makes the iPad Pro look like a laptop. It’s an excellent keyboard, but it’s expensive.

The battery life is good for 10 hours of wireless web surfing over Wi-Fi, but it is still good that you can use it for most of your day with a single charge.

We highly recommend the iPad Pro, It’s a powerful device with ultimate performance, better cameras, and longer battery life.


  • Gorgeous screen.
  • Apple Pencil 2
  • High performance.
  • Long battery life


  • Magic Keyboard too expensive
  • Expensive

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite – Best Value Tablet for Zoom Meetings

tablets that can easily run zoom whiteboard meetings
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The Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite is an affordable tablet. It is one of the cheapest tablets among Galaxy tablets. Also, Samsung Tab S6 has a glass front with a metal frame and these materials make him look solid even if you drop him a few times.

The materials used to make him a little heavy, weigh in at 467 grams, which is twice the weight of most smartphones. Samsung Galaxy Tab has a 10.4inch LCD with 2000×1200 resolution.

What you don’t get here is the AMOLED panel, you have to sacrifice this budget tablet.

The screen quality is still good for LCD, it’s bright and easy to view even when you are outdoors.

You can stream movies or video content in good resolution but 4k content may miss the mark.

Samsung Galaxy Tab has a pretty decent Qualcomm SM8450 CPU, you can perform all the tasks with great ease that includes gaming and other video content.

The tablet comes with either 128GB,256GB, or 64GB of internal storage.

This tablet comes with 64GB of storage space and 8GB of RAM. You will get a 13MP main camera with a 6MP ultra-wide camera.

You also get two front cameras of 12MP ultra-wide, the camera output is impressive you will get accurate colours and pretty good snaps.

It is indeed a great choice for online meetings and 4K videos.

It measures 244.5×154.3x7mm it’s quite an average size you can even slip it into large pockets with no pain.

There is a 3.5mm headphone jack on the top of the device, a power button and volume on the right edge, and a USB-C port on the bottom.

Most affordable tablets don’t have USB-C ports they only have micro USB which is slow for data transfer and charging.

The audio jack is also good to have for many music lovers of wired headphones.

The Samsung Tab comes with an S Pen which is very useful for drawing, sketching, taking notes, and Zoom Whiteboard.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is powered by an 8000 mAh battery it’s non-removable you won’t be able to replace it.

It comes with a fast charger of 45W that can charge the tablet in just less than an hour.

The device’s battery is surely very impressive it will easily last for a day for normal use.

Samsung Galaxy S Tab is worth considering, it’s cheap than other iPad competitors. 


  • Large display.
  • Very good processor.
  • Smooth performance.
  • S pen. 


  • Limited upgrade.

3. Apple iPad Air – A High-End Option for Zoom Whiteboard Workload

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Apple iPad Air 2022 is an awesome tablet with a perfect balance of features and performance.

It is an aluminium tablet with Apple standard design and uniform bezels.

The Air comes with a 10.9inch screen it’s large enough for a great movie experience.

It also comes with an Apple True Tone colour and an anti-reflective coating. The resolution size is 2360×1640 pixels, looks richer.

iPad Air comes with a Touch ID built into the power button, it works well without any issues or we can say it’s better than the Face ID which misfires sometimes.

The M1 chip is impressive and powerful, it supports the second-generation Apple Pencil which makes the new Air a more creative tool than its predecessor.

The Storage space is a little concern here you can get 64Gb while with little more spending you can get up to 256GB.

If you are looking for a top-notch tablet with features and accessories then iPad Air is the ideal choice in Apple’s lineup.

You will also get the 5G for faster than LTE cellular speeds. It comes in a couple of new colours including blue.

iPad Air remains the best IPad for people looking for a nice tablet, its modern design, impressive performance, and excellent screen work are amazing.

You can watch videos, play games, take notes, writing emails, and also you can use it for Zoom Whiteboard.

iPad Air comes with a 12MPS rear camera for taking selfies and scanning docs and a 12MP front camera ultrawide with support of Apple self-centring feature.

The Air doesn’t have a very advanced speaker system like the Pro model with only two speakers instead of four.

They are still able to produce a stereo experience and are very clear and loud for listening to music.

The battery life is excellent as well you can play games for 4 to 5 hours without any issues.

Well, you can make the battery last longer if you turn the screen brightness a bit down.

When you use it with the Magic Keyboard the iPad Air feels like a laptop, with touchpad and cursor support.

The Air does support the second Gen Pencil, the second Gen Pencil comes with great advantages including automatic charging when magnetically connected to the iPad.

It can be used for sketching, drawing, and keeping notes.

The iPad Air gives you a lot of features including an M1processor at such a nominal price, it is your best option for sure.


  • Excellent performance
  • Second Gen Apple Pencil
  • Fits existing iPad cases and keyboards
  • Portable


  • Battery life could be better.

4. SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 – Affordable Tablet for Online Conferences

Samsung Galaxy S7 tablet
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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Fe is a great alternative to Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7+.

It has an immersive 12.4inch display that supports the company S-pen stylus and comes with 5g connectivity.

The Galaxy Tab S7 FE has a familiar design like the higher-end devices it has a solid chassis made of aluminium.

The Wi-Fi version is available in different colours like black, green, pink, and silver while the 5g model is available in only black.

It measures 11,2×7.3×0.3 inches in width, height, and diameter weighing only 1.3 pounds.

The Galaxy S7 FE has a size of 12.4 inches TFT LCD with a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels and a refresh rate of 60Hz.

It comes with a 5-megapixel selfies camera and an 8-megapixel rear camera.

The processor is Qualcomm SM7325 chip ships with Android 11 OS.

It’s powerful enough for day-to-day tasks and basic multitasking.

If you want to play demanding games or won’t work on heavy graphic work then you need a more powerful device.

The S7 Fe has an internal storage of 64GB and you configure it to 128GB, 256, and 512GB respectively.

The MicroSD supports cards up to 1TB. The RAM is impressive with the model we have, the size is 64GB.

Though it is not something you want to hold in your hands for a long period but are still light enough and portable.

On the top, there is a power button, a volume rocker, and a microSD slot.

The power button lacks an integrated fingerprint sensor which is not a big deal but you can enter your PIN when you want to unlock the tablet.

The battery on Samsung S7 FE is impressive it can last up to 12 hours of video streaming over 5g with a single charge.

The tablet can be charged fully in just 4 hours and also there is a fast charge option with a 45-watt adapter which is sold separately.

If we have to talk about its sound the S7 FE is loud enough to fill a room with two speakers on either side.

It supports Dolby Atmos speakers which are good to have.

The Galaxy S7 FE comes with a Stylus pen, you can write notes or draw and it is of great help when you use it on Zoom Whiteboard App.

Overall the Samsung Galaxy S7 FE is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a capable android tablet.

It is cheap and potentially smarter than its other counterparts.


  • Long battery life
  • Works fine with other Samsung products
  • Software upgrade policy


  • Average performance
  • The display isn’t the best
  • No Fingerprint sensor 

5. Lenovo Tablet P11 Plus – Wallet-Friendly Option

top end zoom tablets
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When it comes to high-end tablets there are some finest tablet manufacturers and Lenovo is one of them for sure.

The Lenovo Tab P11’s starting price is around $260, It has a top-notch display of 11inches with excellent speakers and enough power to get you through the day.

The Lenovo Tab is powered by a MediaTek Helio G90T processor, the Tab can handle day-to-day tasks like watching videos, web browsing, web conferencing, and video calls.

But when it comes to playing intensive games or highly demanding tasks it looks a bit weak.

Despite its affordable price, the Tab P11 performs like a champ and we didn’t encounter any lag while switching between the applications. It handles multitasking with great ease.

It comes with 4GB of RAM and 128 Storage space.

It is an excellent substitute for non-Apple users and it is very affordable.

The display is large enough for all the productivity and entertainment.

It’s made of aluminium and rubber, which together create a great design and build quality, and it’s solid enough.

In this price range, the tablets are mostly of cheap material with plastic finishes.

But in this case, you will love to hold them and carry them around it has got a well-balanced weight distribution.

On the back, you will find a single camera with 13 megapixels capable of autofocus and recording at 1080pixels at 30 frames per second.

On the front, you will get an 8MP of camera placed at the top centre for an unmatched webcam experience.

The camera does a great job you can shoot amazing pictures and videos, the camera performs great and it’s something you will love it.

The right edge of the tablet features two speakers and a USB-C charging port.

Well, the power button doesn’t integrate a fingerprint sensor so you have to type in a passcode or rely on the Face unlock feature to secure the tablet.

The battery should get you through a day if used in moderation.

You can stream Full HD video over Wi-Fi with full brightness on can give you around 8 to 9 hours of battery duration.

When the battery is low it allows you to fast charge for a few more hours in just 15 to 20 minutes.


  • Sharp display
  • Loud and clear speakers
  • Good performance


  • Cameras not impressive
  • No promise for OS updates

6. The Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 – Cheap Zoom Whiteboard Tablet

cheap tablet for Zoom whiteboard
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The Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 is surely an entertainment-focused tablet with an impressive 13inch display and premium speakers.

The Yoga Tab 13 is bigger, heavier, and more expensive.

It measures 11.5×8.3inches and is 1inch thick, it weighs around 1.83 pounds.

The display size of 13 inches, and it’s quite large and heavy to hold for long periods.

You shouldn’t expect to carry it around like a standard tablet due to its large screen and heavy size.

But if you are looking for a nice tablet for entertainment then Yoga Tab 13 can be a perfect choice.

It sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 Octa-core CPU, a 650 GPU, 8GB of LPDDR5 RAM, and a storage space of 128GB.

You will also get USB-A to USB-C cable and charger packed with the package.

In terms of the port selection, you will find two, A USB-C port and a micro-HDMI port on the other side which enables you to connect to the secondary device.

We would appreciate it if we to have another USB-C port, A SIM card slot for mobile connectivity or a fingerprint reader would be great.

Along with the 3.5mm headphone jack as it looks we are with a limited choice to use Bluetooth headphones to listen to music.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 comes with only one 8MP front face camera that can be used for taking selfies or video calls, and there is no back camera.

The camera can handle even low light conditions and you can still get gorgeous quality snaps.

It comes with a large battery which gives you all-day usage, Lenovo claims it can last up to 12 hours with endlessly surfing the internet over Wi-Fi.

The Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 is an excellent entertainment tablet with a crisp screen and sharp audio quality that delivers fantastic viewing and gaming experience.

The longer battery is capable to keep you entertained throughout the day and enjoy your playtime and productive work.


  • Vivid Display
  • Performs Great
  • Long battery life
  • Wi-Fi 6 Support


  • Heavy design
  • No back camera

Final Verdict

Picking the best tablets for zoom whiteboard meetings and other video call applications, you need a tablet with good cameras, a long battery life, premium speakers, and a fast processor.

As you understand, there is a lot to consider when choosing the best tablet, especially for Zoom Whiteboard. You can pick any tablet from the list according to your preferences and taste.