Air Taxi Service in New Zealand Took First Flight

Air Taxi Service in New Zealand Took First Flight. Yes, it might sound weird but now you can take an Air Taxi ride in New Zealand. This is happening in New Zealand right at the moment where Larry Page, Co-founder of Google has taken the first test flight as a part of Google?s project. People wrap the idea of this with flying cars but this is something totally different from that. Air Taxi operated without any human flying it, however, flying cars concept still includes a person inside to control the car.

Air Taxi Service in New Zealand Took First Flight

Authorities in New Zealand on Tuesday have approved the first test flight of Air Taxi, carried out by Zephyr Airworks. Air Taxi Cora is an electric aircraft which features nearly dozen of fans to lift it off the surface. This makes Cora take-off from the surface vertically just like a helicopter. However, the developers of this vehicle claim that it is quieter than the helicopter making it able to transport people in the urban areas and car parking lots.

Air taxi Service

The reason behind developing such?technology?was to introduce a vehicle that is pollution free and runs without human input. Zephyr says that travelling in Cora will provide a simple cab like experience to the passengers. Passengers don?t need to have any experience of driving a plane. Cora will take care of everything from take-off to landing.

Air Taxi Service

Air Taxi Cora can carry maximum 2 passengers at a time. Cora has been in development since 2010. Air Taxi looks much like a self-driving car but without any driver. Air Taxi Service in New Zealand will totally take Six Years before it gets operational. It will?first operate?in the area within and around the Christchurch, NZ. Air Taxi will change the way we look at our transportation system by overcoming challenges related to congestion and traffic.