Nokia 8: Is it Worth Buying in 2023

The king of smartphones Nokia is back in the android market with something we call a classy and perfect phone, the Nokia 8. If you are looking for something better than this masterpiece from Nokia then you are wrong. For a price of $400 which is the revised price you will awesome android experience in palm of your hands.

Nokia 8 Review

Nokia 8 For the Video Blogger in you

Market maturity and vast supply chain management in China has boomed the phone industry for the last two years. With phones like OPPO and Xiaomi, we have seen pretty much decent competition in the phone market.

In terms of the Nokia 8, we are willing to see the high-end performance this time of the year. In terms of use, Nokia 8 is a pretty beautiful thing to use and spend time with.

Especially we cannot ignore the simultaneous use of both front and back end camera which is something pretty useful for Video Bloggers. Nokia 8 makes it the best camera phone for video blogging when it comes to cover all the aspects of the picture.

Nokia 8 Aluminium Design

Nokia 8 Back design

It is something that feels perfect when you hold it in hand. The 6000-grade Aluminium body is an eye-catcher a pretty much looks similar to the glass but sounds like steel when you tap it out with your fingernail.

The body is perfectly scratch resistant and is highly durable to shocks when you drop the phone on rough surfaces.

Nokia 8 Screen

The 2.5D glass on Nokia 8 feels perfectly fitted. High quality 5.3? IPS QHD display with 554ppi density provides vibrant color distribution when it comes to watching movies or surfing the internet.

Screen brightness can be increased to 700nits which is something amazing when compared to high-end phones like Samsung Galaxy S8 or iPhone 8.

Nokia 8 Processor

A high-end Snapdragon 835 chipset power the Nokia 8. Along with the high-end processor, it features 4 GB of Ram and 64GB onboard storage with the expansion of memory with help of a Micro-SD slot. We might say that it is the best Nokia phone for gaming as well.

Nokia 8 UX

Nokia 8 Menu screen

Nokia 8 is updated on the latest Android Oreo 8.0 software which is not something that much better than what we were expecting from Google this time of the year.

To be honest Android 8.0 Oreo is not really different from the previous Android 7.0. If your Nokia 8 does not come with Android 8.0 then it will update itself surely to the latest Android version to run perfectly.

Nokia 8 Camera Quality

Nokia phones are truly known for their camera quality from the times dated back to Symbian times. Yes the time when we were having jewels like Nokia 6600, N-95 and N-91.

But now we are in the world of Android phones with camera quality way better than the low-end DSLR cameras. Back to real-time, Nokia 8 uses Zeiss-lenses and no matter a decent photography device in the market.

In the bright daylight, the results are astonishing and Nokia 8 made things pretty much balanced and vibrant.

The most noticeable feature of the Nokia 8 is the Dual camera sensor setup. dual sensor setup makes it the best camera phone for video blogging.

Yes, Nokia 8 features two 13MP sensors of which the one is Mono and the other is Coloured with aperture f/2.0. Using both cameras at the same time is something really amazing for the video bloggers who are expecting great video quality and setup at the same time.

Similar camera quality is expected in the upcoming Nokia 9 as well.

Nokia 8 Camera pictures test

Battery Timing

Nokia 8 comes with 3090mAh non-removable battery which is something way better than the previous models. Therefore in terms of battery timing we are expecting Nokia 8 to make out of one day easily before getting battery juice fully drained.

Should I Buy Nokia 8?

We were not expecting that much from Nokia 8? However, it pretty surprised us in all features especially the camera section and outclass design. Sacrificing your $400 for such a nice phone is not a bad deal for you. Believe me, you will not find such a good phone at such a reasonable price.