How Cloud Computing Technology is Changing Management?

Cloud Computing is all the hype right now, but what does it really mean? Do you have to sit on the top of Mount Everest above the clouds or on the plane with your laptop? Cloud Computing Technology is pretty big and it is growing bigger every day.

What is Cloud Computing?

There are basically three layers to cloud computing and companies use them differently based on what they offer.

At the bottom is the foundation, the infrastructure, this is where things start and people begin to build. This is the layer where cloud hosting lives and works.

Cloud Hosting

Let’s assume you are a company with a website. And the website has a lot of conversations that are exchanged between members.

You start with a few users talking to each other and they tell their friends about your website. Your friends tell their friends and the process goes on.

Your website becomes famous but at the moment there is a problem that may arise.

cloud computing technology

What happens is that the server slows down and you might run in trouble due to heavy traffic on your website.

This is the time when you have to buy hosting or servers to handle such heavy traffic. You may either buy or rent them from companies who offer to host.

It takes a lot of money and a lot of time. So the only best option to avoid spending money is to adopt cloud computing technology.

With cloud computing, you have access to computing power instantly whenever you want. Put your website on a cloud server just like you put on a dedicated server.

And when the people start visiting your website you can get as much power you need to handle heavy traffic. A lot of companies offer cloud services to take care of your website.

How is cloud computing technology changing management?

With the blessing of cloud computing, information travels fast between organizations and clients.

This offers a more developed work structure in relation to products and services that are produced to satisfy customer needs.

Cloud computing enables organizations to collect and analyze data at a fast rate.

Advantages of cloud computing to management

  • One of the major reasons for adopting cloud computing is the way products are designed, the close encounter between the IT department and other business areas, forecasting sales, and finance.
  • Another advantage of adopting cloud computing in organizations is reducing servers, cost of software, and reducing the IT-related costs. Most of the cloud service providers make sure that the connection to the cloud server is always on. So workers within an organization can get access to data from anywhere. There are offline applications that can work without any internet connection as well.
  • Cloud computing technology offers improved collaboration between groups of different people in real-time. This method allows product development and enhanced customer service.
  • Cloud computing is cost-effective for management firms because they don’t need to buy any servers or data centers. When there is a cut-back in the business then cloud computing gives a more flexible way to deal with the exposure.
  • Cloud computing is environment-friendly. With limited data centers around the globe, management using cloud services gain credits.

The Bottom Line

With the advancement in technology, Cloud computing technology is changing management decisions carried out in organizations.

It is allowing management to design the product or services from the data collected through the cloud. Customers are giving feedback on the products and services.

For an instance take the examples of leak mobile phone designs we see on the internet. Such leak designs give an idea to the management of how the customer wants the next product to be.