Best Laptops for Pharmacy Students [2023]

guide to best pharmacy laptops to have

If you are a pharmacy student or in the medical profession, and you are looking for the right laptop, but if you are unsure or confused about which laptop is a perfect fit for your needs. Pharmacy students mostly need laptops for simple tasks like preparing projects, a literature search on the internet, reading books … Read more

Best Laptop for Listening to Music [2024]

Ultimate guide to best laptop to listen music

Listening to music is something that keeps you motivated wherever you are. When it comes to playing your favourite songs on a laptop, not every machine holds a crown for it. Even an expensive laptop isn’t always the best for listening to music. Laptops that come with high-quality built-in speakers are instrumental in a quality … Read more

Best Laptops for Enscape 3D [2023]

best enscape laptop guide

Enscape is a renowned third-party integration – or you can also say Plug-in – that works directly within your CAD or BIM software to design virtual-reality architectural 3D designs within seconds, leaving no room for delays and lags. Enscape has been favoured by architects for being extremely smooth while rendering images as well as videos. … Read more

Best Cheap Laptops for Streaming Twitch [2023]

guide to cheap laptops to stream twitch

You really don’t need an expensive laptop to stream twitch. Even a low-budget laptop is capable of delivering quality streams on Twitch. Many assume that streaming means just sitting in front of your webcam and that’s all! However, that’s not all – you require audio quality of high standard alongside up-to-the-mark video quality if you … Read more

LG Gram 17Z90Q Ultra Lightweight Laptop [2023 Review]

LG Gram 17 review

If you want a Windows laptop with a wide screen as possible, your options are simply the Dell XPS 17 or the LG Gram 17. The comparison between the two is pretty clear. If you care more about firepower, go XPS; if you care about power with portability, go Gram. With the new Gram 17, LG manages … Read more