Best Budget Laptops for College Students [2023]

cheap laptops students 2018

It is back to school or college season and you are looking for the best laptop for your study. We got you covered as we bring you the best laptops for college students on a tight budget. Best Budget Laptops for College Students Now we are not only talking about the best laptops, not the … Read more

HP Spectre 13 Notebook Review [2023]

HP spectre 13 2017 notebook

Have you ever thought about a notebook that is a combination of power, connectivity, performance, and long battery life all embedded within a thin metal body? HP Spectre 13 notebook is one of those laptops that is what we say is a killer machine. HP Spectre 13 is one of those laptops with an Intel … Read more

Best Non-Touch Screen Laptops [2023]

collection of the nontouch display laptops

Although the laptop market has been shining with touchscreen laptops from famous brands like HP, Dell, and Asus, non-touchscreen laptops are considered durable and reliable among students and professionals. It is because the touch-screen laptop loses its sensitivity over time and the replacement cost of the touch screen is expensive. Laptops that come without a … Read more

Is the Dell G5 Laptop Good for Gaming?

can you game on dell g5

Dell G5 is a laptop with decent specs like a mid-range processor and Nvidia GTX 1650 graphics card. Now, most people are buying Dell G5 for the purpose of gaming. But does this laptop have enough juice to let you play games at 1080p settings, the bare minimum that everyone expects out from a mid-range … Read more

Best Laptop for Music Production under $700 [2023]

guide about under 700 dollars laptop

In this technological age, music production is increasingly becoming an accessible option for many of us musically inclined folk. In order to make it easier on yourself and others who might be in the same situation as you are with your computer equipment needs- we’ve put together a list of what some people think are … Read more