Best Vlog Cameras Under $500 [2023]

Vlogging is really on the hype with tons of videos created and published every day on YouTube. Today, we are going to tell you about the best Vlogs cameras in 2023 to kick-start your career on YouTube. Now, these cameras are the best affordable cameras for Vlogging that you guys can use to create quality content.

Best Vlog Cameras under $500 on Market

Here are some of our top picks on the list.

1. Lumix G7 | Best Overall Vlog Camera

best vlog camera under $500

Lumix G7 is one of my favorite cameras to create rich quality videos on YouTube. G7 is great for Vlogging if you are a newbie. The screen on the camera pops-out and it faces towards you. It has a plug-in for connecting an external mic. One of the biggest things you can do for your content is to improve audio quality, and G7 covers you in this.

The quality of this camera is great for Vlogs and YouTube. Though you will pay around $500-$600 for this camera, it really worths it.

2. Sony HX80 | Affordable Vlog Camera for the Money

best vlog camera under 500 Dollars

HX80 is one of the cheap vlogging camera available in the market. It has a huge pop-up screen for Vlogging. It’s super easy to carry around anywhere. However, it doesn’t record in 4K but still captures videos at 60fps. Also, I don’t think so that many people are watching stuff in 4K on YouTube. The only downside with this Sony HX80 is it struggles in low-light. Priced at $330, HX80 is one the best camera I recommend for newbies and oldies.

3. GoPro Hero 4 Session | Portable Vlog Camera under $500

best vlog cameras for youtube vlogging under 500

GoPro Hero is preferred by professional Vloggers around the world. No matter, cameras from the Hero are the best Vlog camera in the world. Hero Session is a pretty impressive camera so far. It gives you a lot of freedom to create content from different angles. For $130, Hero Session delivers not great but nice performance under good lighting conditions.


If you are new to Vlogging, you definitely need to go with soothing like Sony HX80. However, if you have a bit of experience creating videos on YouTube then go for Lumix G7. G7 is an amazing Vlogging camera for under 600 bucks.

Finally, this was the list of best Vlog cameras under $500 for YouTubers. If you have any recommendations or queries, then let us know in the comments section down below.