Best Laptops for Music Streaming [2023]

One of the most common pastimes in the modern world is streaming online. It has evolved into a platform for individuals to enjoy their preferred TV series, movies, music, and even games.

Some people have almost made live music streaming their full-time profession. While for others, it is a requirement at work and as a result, they have a lot of freedom to move around.

There are plenty of music streaming platforms and one of the most trusted and famous is Spotify.

Spotify is a service that streams music online. You have instant access to its huge online music and podcast library, allowing you to listen to any of your favourite content anytime you choose. It is legal and easy to use.

It also has a sophisticated algorithm that suggests songs based on your listening history, carefully crafted playlists, and online radio stations.

With just a good laptop and a steady internet connection, getting your work done is now simpler than ever.

You need high-speed internet with a dependable upload speed for high-quality streaming. The best inexpensive laptop for streaming music is one with great audio quality, a strong processor, and other features.

In order to guarantee uninterrupted streaming, it should also have a high-speed internet connection. The quality of the sound you receive from your laptop will depend on its built-in speakers.

The best audio systems for laptops allow you to stream and listen to music without any quality degradation.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Laptop for Streaming Music Online

1. Audio Quality

Obviously, the sound quality is what you should pay the most attention to. Consider laptops with top-notch integrated speakers from brands like Bang & Olufsen, Harman Kardon, BOSE, etc. Additionally, some laptops have built-in speakers that can provide bass to give your music additional flavour.

2. Processor

Make sure the processor you select has a strong single-core performance. All of your music’s encoding and decoding must be handled by the CPU.

3. Battery Life

A laptop with integrated speakers that can stream music needs a large battery. When you play music on your laptop speakers for extended periods of time, a lot of power is used. As a result, you should think about a laptop with a longer battery life.

Best Laptops for Music Streaming

1. LG gram 17Z90Q Ultra – Overall Best Pick

music streaming laptop
Source: Amazon

This laptop is unique in that it combines a large display with portability and is lightweight. The Gram 17’s speakers are its only flaw; they only have a pair of 1.5-watt stereo speakers that produce mediocre sound.

Although the volume can grow loud, the sound quality in the mid-and high-range is weak, but you will still be better off if you prefer streaming music.

LG Gram 17, which includes the Intel Iris Xe integrated graphics, 16 GB of memory, a speedy 1 TB SSD, and an Intel 12th generation Alder Lake Core i7-1260P processor.

All of your programs, games, documents, music, videos, and images may be stored on the LG Gram 17 thanks to its enormous storage capacity.

Actually, the Gram 17 is the lightest 17-inch laptop, weighing under 3 pounds (1.3 kilos). Like all other Gram laptops, the LG Gram 17 is made of magnesium alloys, has a straightforward design, and has a rougher, premium feel to the touch.

A high-resolution 17-inch 16:10 screen, average-sized bezels all around, and a high-quality IPS matte display will all be features of the LG Gram 17 in 2022.

LG offers two USB-C ports that are compatible with Thunderbolt 4, an audio jack, and an HDMI port on the left side.

LG has a Lock, a microSD card reader, and two USB-A ports on the right. A full-size keyboard with correctly sized and spaced keys, a smaller NumPad area, and a spacious glass clickpad are all included with this laptop.

This keyboard nevertheless types similar to the majority of other ultrabook keyboards, despite having a shallower stroke depth and a rougher experience.

The LG Gram 17 has a sizable 80Wh battery, which is normal for a laptop of this kind. LG could have used a bigger battery in this 17-inch chassis, but they decided against it in favor of a consistent internal design for all Gram models.

At a screen brightness setting of about 120 nits, you may expect a battery life of at least 8 hours.

Here’s the full review of the LG Gram 17 Z90Q.


  • Solid performance
  • Long battery life
  • Super light
  • Full HD webcam
  • Storage space of 1TB


  • No touch screen
  • No discrete GPU for gaming

2. HP ProBook: Best Value

good laptop for streaming
Source: Amazon

The HP ProBook is the best choice if you want a laptop that matches the professionalism of the work you do. If your work requires streaming online music or listening to music, the ProBook can produce a sound loud enough to fill a medium-sized conference room.”

The speakers produced perfect bass, and the sound is clear. The DTS audio control panel, which has listening experience presets and a manually adjustable equalizer, is another feature of the HP laptop.

One advantage of selecting an HP business laptop is that you get a combination of usefulness, durability, and design, with a brushed aluminium finish and well-defined corners.

HP ProBook includes a 15.6″ Widescreen Full HD (1920 x 1080) LED-backlit IPS non-touch display with a screen-to-body ratio of 82.58%, a 16:9 aspect ratio, and small bezels.

The HP ProBook is outfitted with an Intel Core i7-1255U processor for up to 4.7GHz, 12MB L3 Cache.

This laptop includes a 2TB PCIe SSD and 32GB DDR4 RAM. The hard drive has been improved to a 2TB Solid State Drive, allowing for quick bootup and data transfer.

Your device operates more efficiently when it has the ideal balance of performance, power consumption, and price.

With a spill-resistant keyboard and number pad, the HP ProBook also has this covered, giving you peace of mind on your upcoming work trip.

The functionality of the HP ProBook is where it really excels. With its large body and snappy touchpad, it’s possible to type for extended periods of time without feeling fatigued.

Three-finger swiping, pinch-to-zoom and object rotation are additional touchpad functions that are useful for a variety of applications.

One USB 3.2 Type-C, three USB 3.2, one HDMI 1.4b, one RJ-45, one audio combo jack, and one microSD slot are commonly included with HP ProBooks.

The longer battery life of HP ProBooks, which may last up to 11 hours, is another significant advantage.

That gives you plenty of time to use your gadget without worrying that it will crash right before you start your presentation.

Additionally, HP ProBooks include fast charging capabilities, allowing you to resume work after just 30 minutes of recharging.


  • Stylish metal chassis;
  • affordable price;
  • competitive performance;
  • Advanced security features,
  • Loudspeakers
  • Good battery life


  • no USB 3.0
  • weak audio output
  • A little heavier
  • Limited viewing angles

3. HP Omen 16 – A High-End Pick for Online Music Streaming

Hp Omen
Source: Amazon

The new HP Omen 16 features numerous streamlined modifications. This game book maintains a simple design approach.

Although the notebook’s overall appearance initially seems to have not changed much, closer inspection reveals that there have been significant adjustments.

If you enjoy streaming music online, you will be happy to learn that this laptop has an excellent audio system.

The Omen 16 maintains the heritage of successful speakers made by HP’s relationship with Bang & Olufsen.

The audio program Omen Audio Control from HP includes an equalizer as well as presets for music, movies, and voices.

Though increasing the bass did assist a little, there wasn’t much I could do to improve the system’s audio quality.

A complete optional 2K resolution + 165Hz refresh rate game screen has been added to the 16.1-inch high-definition IPS panel display.

It is extremely portable and only weighs 2.3kg. The machine as a whole is small, light, and thin.

The keyboard on the HP Omen 16 also seems to be extremely understated and sophisticated.

The key spacing is appropriate at the same time. When typing, each key may be placed precisely, which is useful for our daily tasks.

The trackpad now measures 19% larger than the previous model, and it feels great.

This gamebook’s left side has the majority of the ports. On the right side are two USB 3.2 Gen2 ports, and on the left are a charging port, RJ45 network port, USB 3.2 Gen2 interface, miniDP, HDMI, Thunderbolt 4 port, 3.5mm audio port, and SD card reader port.

An Intel Core i7-11800H CPU from the eleventh generation powers the HP Omen 16.

This gaming laptop has the most recent NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card installed.

The company claims that the 6-cell, 83 Wh Li-ion polymer battery may deliver a battery backup of up to 9 hours; however, this will obviously depend on how you use the laptop.


  • 1440p screen with solid colour
  • Bang & Olufsen speaker system
  • Decent 144-Hz FHD display
  • Fast CPU/GPU and system performance


  • The processor lacks a few useful advanced capabilities 
  • RGB keyboard backlight is somewhat dim.
  • Only 3x USB 3.0
  • Dropouts in touchpad inputs

4. MacBook Pro – Faster Laptop for Music Streaming

macbook for music streaming
Source: Amazon

It is the first model to come with Apple’s new M2 CPU, which offers a significant silicon improvement for power users.

It’s a sleek and functional laptop that can compete with the finest in the ultraportable market, in traditional Apple style.

The MacBook Pro offers a superb sound system if you are into streaming music. The audio quality is also quite strong, with dual speakers offering a great dynamic range.

Additionally, the system supports Dolby Atmos and other spatial audio formats if you’d rather listen through headphones.

The new CPU may offer improved performance, but the rest of the MacBook Pro is almost exactly as it was when Apple introduced the design six years ago.

The aluminium chassis has a beautiful design and is available in two finishes, brilliant silver and space gray.

The entire unit measures an astounding 0.61 by 12 by 8.4 inches (HWD) and weighs under 3 pounds.

There are two data ports on the MacBook Pro 13-inch, both of which use an oval USB Type-C connector and are Thunderbolt 4 connectors.

One of those connectors also serves as the laptop’s charging port. On the other edge, there is only one other wired connector, a 3.5mm headphone port.

The Magic Keyboard has a comfortable, sturdy typing sensation thanks to the scissor-switch mechanical stabilizers that are located beneath each key.

It combines the slimness of a membrane dome switch with this. It’s a pretty nice keyboard for laptops.

Even though the Force Touch trackpad’s enormous size is no longer exceptional, it is still roomy.

However, the webcam keeps its 720p resolution from older Mac laptops.

It’s disappointing to see the MacBook Pro maintain its clearly inferior camera when new Macs feature full HD (1080p) and even higher resolutions.

With the same Apple M2 eight-core processor and 10 GPU cores in the base model, but only 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD for storage, it is a little more basic.


  • Much-improved keyboard
  • Apple doubled the base storage
  • Fantastic for music streaming
  • Four Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • Excellent battery life
  • Good graphics


  • Low-quality camera
  • Limited port variety
  • No support for Wi-Fi 6

5. The Galaxy Book 2 Pro: The Last Pick

Samsung laptop
Source: Amazon

The Galaxy Book 2 Pro features the newest Intel 12th-generation processors and a very lightweight design. This stylish new laptop debuted alongside the Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 and shares design cues with the Galaxy Book Pro from 2021, but it has more powerful specifications.

If you enjoy listening to or streaming music online, the Galaxy Book 2 Pro boasts two AKG stereo speakers powered by Dolby Atmos.

Although they still lack the excitement of speakers on larger or more costly laptops, there has been a noticeable increase in the bass and higher pitches.

The laptop has a 512GB hard drive, 8GB of RAM, and a 12th-generation Intel Core i7 processor.

The Galaxy Book 2 Pro immediately catches your eye because of how light it is. It can easily be lifted up with one hand and weighs only 1.17 kg.

Given that, you wouldn’t have any trouble tossing it into a backpack and using it on your daily commute, it would be a wonderful laptop for working while on the go.

I found the keyboard to have good key size, depth, and responsiveness; typing felt extremely fulfilling, which is perfect for composing essays or professional documents.

The trackpad itself was spacious and extremely responsive.

There are two sizes available for the Galaxy Book 2 Pro: 13.3 inches and 15.6 inches.

This particular model has a 13.3-inch, brilliant AMOLED screen with a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution that is up to 33% brighter.

Additionally, this laptop has Intel Iris X graphics. Although it won’t be able to handle more demanding jobs like AAA games or imaginative projects like 3D rendering.

It should be able to run some basic photo editing applications and more casual games without any problems.

This laptop’s unique 2-in-1 design, which has a 360-degree hinge, gives it the functionality of both a laptop and a tablet.

Use the bundled S Pen, to bring concepts to life on the screen with a pen that feels authentic.

The battery life of the laptop, according to Samsung, will be up to 21 hours.

The Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro would be an excellent laptop for productivity and anyone who is constantly working on the go, even though I wasn’t able to spend much time with it.


  • Super-slim and lightweight
  • Lovely screen
  • Smooth performance
  • Great option for streaming services
  • Ergonomic keyboard


  • Needs stiffer hinges
  • Could do with more ports
  • Bloatware


Now that you are aware of the best laptop for streaming music, we are convinced that you can pick from the above list.

Just keep in mind that streaming video games uses more resources than streaming music. Consequently, you don’t need a powerful laptop.

A minimum Intel Core i5 processor and 16 GB of RAM are recommended, while the more the better.

Additionally, a broadband connection with a high data rate is advised.

Moreover, if you enjoy travelling ensure sure your laptop is both sturdy and portable.

You can now choose any laptop from the list to stream music online, and we are confident that it will work for you.