Best Gaming Chair for Wide Shoulders [2023]

The best gaming chair for PC gamers can add style to your gaming space while supporting crucial body parts like your back and shoulders. However, less expensive furniture commonly overlooks those.

If you spend most of the day sitting down, your body needs just as much care as your computer. There are multiple factors you must take into account, but don’t worry we have looked at everything.

A few of them include comfort, design, material, and price range. Before putting together this list of our best picks, we looked at many options while considering the above factors.

When it comes to ergonomic and priced gaming chairs, the market is flooded with options for gamers of average size. The situation is different for big and tall individuals, especially for men.

A good gaming chair for taller folks must not only be able to handle a significant load but also be roomy enough in the seat and backrest to prevent you from feeling cramped when seated.

Reviews of the Best Gaming Chair for Wide Shoulders

We have prepared a list of the top gaming chairs for big and tall users with wide and heavy shoulders. We spent hours reviewing dozens of chairs.

1. Secretlab Titan Evo – Overall Best Pick

best wide shoulder gaming chair from secretlabs
Source: Amazon

The renowned Secretlab Titan models are undoubtedly known to anyone looking for a new gaming chair. After testing it out, this new Titan Evo earned our top spot and it is indeed the best gaming chair.

It now comes in three sizes-small, regular, and extra-large to better accommodate a broader range of customers. There is a reason SecretLabs has become one of the most well-known names in gaming seats; their products are of the best quality.

In addition, when you are a big dude, you certainly want that for both your safety and the durability of the chair. Each element on the Titan chair is superbly constructed and engineered for longevity.

Aluminium, which is lighter and more durable than metal, is used to make the 5-star base. Secretlab’s exclusive cold-cured foam padding is used inside the seat, and the chair’s PU leather covering is 4 times more durable than regular PU leather.

The sturdy tilt mechanism can be held at any position and has a great degree of tilt and reclining. The armrests are 4D and can be adjusted in width to accommodate users with very broad shoulders.

However, unlike the Anda Seat, the lumbar support is integrated and has a dial that can be used to alter its depth.

The Secretlab Titan and Anda Seat differ most in terms of cushion firmness. The latter has a firmer feel. How you prefer your mattress firm or soft will primarily determine which one you choose.

Despite this, I will admit that the Titan’s more sculpted backrest and firmer padding make it simpler to keep a proper back position. However, I think you will be very pleased with either choice in the end.

2. Dowinx Gaming Chair – Best Value

good gaming chair that support wide shoulders
Source: Amazon

Dowinx Gaming Chair offers a high back, high-density, ergonomic racing-type relaxing lumbar chair. This may be the best massage gaming chair since these ergonomic chairs include the best options for computer desk seating, a retractable footrest, a massage lumbar support, and an adjustable seat height.

The Dowinx Gaming Chair’s retractable footrest, massage lumbar support, and adjustable seat height will make your experience pain-free.

In contrast to the ergonomic lumbar mesh chair, this plush lumbar cushion is made of high-quality PU leather, providing you with the padding you need to play video games, and watch movies.

The solid metal frame is designed to give you the optimal seating position so you can play your games for extended periods.

Additionally, you might enjoy those games more if your gaming chair has amazing massaging capabilities. The footrest and ergonomic seat height are very easy to modify with this chair.

It includes a 360° swivel for easy mobility and a recline range of 90° to 180° for gaming, working, or napping.

No matter who you are even if you are very big or tall you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the right posture for you in this gaming chair. 

Although this chair has outstanding support features like lumbar support, it won’t provide you with any mesh material or air holes, so breathability will be a little lacking. 

Dowinx Gaming offers a high back, high-density, ergonomic racing-type massaging lumbar chair.

The seat height and footrest of this rocking chair with simple controls are both easily adjustable. This ergonomic design will give you the massaging support you seek in a high-end gaming chair.

3. FANTASYLAB Big – Best Budget Gaming Chair to Support Wide Shoulders

big gaming chair for heavy people
Source: Amazon

The market for inexpensive huge and tall gaming seats is full of misleading claims. The weight capacity or even the chair dimensions of many inexpensive gaming chairs are just inflated arbitrarily to make them appear acceptable for larger users while in reality, they are not.

FantasyLab is one of the selected low-cost gaming chairs with the construction and size to support big and tall users without disintegrating after a few months.

The FantasyLab is a large gaming chair, no doubt about it. Without the customary bolsters on the chair’s sides, the seat’s full 21 by 20 inches surface area is set aside for your bottom.

The flat pan design of the FantasyLab simply made it so much more spacious and comfortable to sit in; there was simply no comparison between the FantasyLab seat and that found on most others.

Even the detachable lumbar pillow is exceptionally wide and cushions your entire lower back as opposed to the conventionally little ones found on standard gaming seats, which pinch you more than they support.

Sadly, the pillow’s massage feature is a gimmick; it mostly vibrates annoyingly rather than massaging the user. The FantasyLab Big and Tall chair is quite customizable in terms of ergonomics.

This chair’s main components may all be separately adjusted to match different body types and heights. It swivels 360 degrees, and the backrest reclines and locks into any preferred position up to 155 degrees, which is the ideal angle to relieve back stress.

The armrests can be adjusted in three dimensions up and down, forward and backwards, and rotating. Moreover, the seat height can be changed from 20.5 to 22.8 inches. The FantasyLab gaming chair has one of the best price-to-value ratios we have seen in a truly huge and tall gaming chair, and it costs less.

4. KCream – Cheaper Gaming Chair for Big People

low budget chair for gaming
Source: Amazon

One of our favourite gaming chairs is the Kream for a reason. In every regard, including build quality, comfort, and features for the price, it exceeded our expectations.

Let us start with the build quality, which is something that gamers who are very tall should take extra note of. KCream outperforms most of its competitors in this price range.

The chair is rock-solid and showed no signs of the unpleasant creaking or squeaking that can occur with other less expensive gaming chairs.

Even for big guys with wide shoulders and posture, the chair receives great scores for comfort. The seat cushion is 5′′ thick, easily outperforming its rivals. The large armrests and 33-inch-tall backrest should allow anyone up to 6’3″ to sit comfortably in this chair.

The KCream chair’s pull-out footrest and high, 155-degree backrest recline are undoubtedly its other standout features.

Overall, the KCream is a fantastic value given its outstanding build quality, pullout footrest, plush padding, and sturdy backrest. It is also one of the more cost-effective solutions for big and tall people and costs little.

5. X Rocker Falcon Pedestal Chair – Expensive Pick

high quality gaming chair for wide posture
Source: Amazon

Choosing the best gaming chair might be difficult because there are so many options on the market. We looked at several types, and the X Rocker Falcon Pedestal Chair was really beyond what we had anticipated.

After all, one of the leading manufacturers of gaming seats is X Rocker. In 2005, the company made its market debut. With time, it improved its selection and introduced cutting-edge technology.

The Falcon Pedestal Gaming Chair’s wireless integrated sound system can be one of its selling factors. Of course, this capability is essential for YouTubers, programmers, and gamers.

Due to this, the X Rocker Falcon Pedestal qualifies as one of the top gaming seats. The best part is that none of the setup’s cables or wires will tangle with your feet or any other parts.

Therefore, for someone concerned with cable management, the chair is a dream come true. In general, the Falcon Pedestal works with the vast majority of operating systems.

Of course, Windows is the most popular operating system, but Android and iOS are also included. As a result, you can easily connect the chair to your gaming setup and start playing right away.

In other words, you can listen to the music being played through the backrest subwoofer and the speakers located on the headrests.

Even though it sits far lower than most other models, the chic X Rocker Falcon Pedestal is as ergonomic as gaming chairs go.

Due to the enormous pedestal base, the unusual construction also offers the best level of stability. Your weight will stabilize the chair and enable you to view the screen for extended periods while being comfortable.

The greatest neck and lumbar support will lessen discomfort and reduce tiredness. Moreover, the Falcon Pedestal enables hassle-free storage if that were not enough. In less than five minutes, you can fold it and put the Falcon in the cabinet.

Anyone with a smaller room may benefit greatly from features that save space. The Falcon Pedestal will, of course, look right at home in any office.

Considering everything it offers, the Falcon Pedestal Chair’s price is quite affordable. It has a wide range of functions that should satisfy the needs of most users.

This chair is ideal for extended hours of work for streamers and professional gamers, but everyone who works from home can benefit from having the Falcon.

Final Verdict

Spending excessive amounts of time seated over a computer or gaming console may be unhealthy. Your focus on your game may be hindered by backache, stiff neck, and shoulder pain brought on by bad posture and uncomfortable chairs.

Not only can a comfortable gaming chair improve comfort, but it can also improve gameplay. As a result, the X Rocker Falcone Pedestal Chair is priceless.

Since remote work is becoming more common, it is best to be ready and protect your back and neck’s health.