Artificial Silk Leaf that can produce Oxygen in Space

We know that plants produce oxygen here on earth but what about space. Everyone believes that plants cannot survive in the space. However, one person still believes that oxygen can be created in space and he had proven it. Julian Melchiorri, who graduated from Royal College of Art has developed an Artificial silk leaf that can produce oxygen.

Artificial silk leaf is a true blessing for future space travelling missions to Exo-Planets. Besides producing oxygen in space, this leaf can also filter the polluted air on earth. This leaf is created by extracting the protein matrix found in the ?Silk and Chloroplast?. This Artificial Silk leaf can act similar in properties to the natural leaf. And the Good thing is that it?s Eco-Friendly leaving no harmful traces to damage environment around it.

artificial silk leaf

Artificial Silk Leaf Lights up your Home

Besides just producing oxygen, it can? light up your home when needed. Its lightweight and multiple properties make it a perfect candidate for future space travels. NASA is still conducting experiments on this leaf to get more juice out of it. Its the best alternative for the expensive ventilation systems used in large buildings to produce fresh air.

Finally, this artificial silk leaf is a game-changer in the world of technology. At the moment, there are no more details available on the internal functionality of this leaf. How it will in-take the carbon and hydrogen to produce oxygen is still unknown. No matter, what kind of mechanism it uses, this is something we needed the most in this era of global warming.