Can a Laptop be Charged via USB with a Power Bank?

Can you use a power bank to charge a laptop? Yes, you can. One must consider the power rating, ports, and battery capacity when charging a laptop with a power bank. And in this guide, we’ll discuss in detail how many watts a laptop needs to fully charge when using a power bank.

Don’t worry, we have some simple instructions for charging your laptop using a power bank. The days of battling for limited charging locations and having your laptop crash right before a big meeting because you forgot your charger is over.

Any battery bank won’t be able to power a laptop. As a result, make sure to check for laptop compatibility. Unsure of which power bank to select for mobile laptop charging? There are many factors to take into account when choosing a strong power bank for usage.

How to Charge a Laptop With Power Bank

Using a power bank is among the simplest ways to charge your laptop. A power bank is essentially a portable laptop battery. Simply attach the power bank to your laptop to get started. Simply attach the power bank to your laptop to get started.

The best part about power banks is that they can charge your laptop without needing to be plugged into an outlet. There are wide different varieties of power banks, and they aren’t all made with the same charging capacity.

With a USB Type A power bank, you can charge laptops with less power. Get a power bank with a USB-C port if you wish to power a more potent laptop, such as a mobile workstation.

you will need a USB-C power to easily charge your laptop using a power bank
Charging a laptop using a USB-C port and power bank. Image Source: WikiHow

Your smartphone or tablet can be powered by USB-C power banks in addition to other USB devices. Especially if you are charging a more powerful laptop, your power bank will most likely only have the juice to recharge it once or twice.

It’s crucial to keep in mind to recharge it by plugging it into an outlet. After it runs out of power, you won’t be able to use your power bank to recharge your laptop.

It is therefore preferable to save your power bank for only those occasions when you will actually need it, such as when you misplace your laptop charger.

In your laptop bag at all times, keep your power bank.

Powering a Gaming Laptop With a Power Bank

To charge a gaming laptop, a larger power bank with a large capacity was necessary. Voltage is provided by power banks, which is necessary for charging laptop batteries.

Sometimes a power bank won’t deliver the voltage you need, which causes your laptop’s battery to drain quickly.

Depending on how many times you want it to fully charge the battery in your laptop. The option is either to give input with 16V–20V or to go with a greater voltage output than what its internal sources can deliver.

Find out if your laptop supports Quick Charge before making sure to get a compatible Quick Charger. If it does, you can power a laptop using an external battery without a charger.

How Much Power is Needed to Charge a Laptop?

The first and most important consideration in selecting a power bank that will revive a dead laptop is making sure it has enough power supply or output.

A laptop requires a different charging procedure than a little device like your cell phone because it consumes a lot more power. To be certain of the amount of wattage required to power the device, confirm the exact model of your laptop.

Different laptop models use varying amounts of energy. Use Google to look up your laptop’s specifications.

To choose a power bank that can be used with the majority of popular laptops, let’s look at average data. The average laptop uses between 30 and 70 watts per hour, with gaming laptops using more of the higher end.

Why is this important? To charge a standard laptop, you generally need a power bank with a power output of more than 50W.

Naturally, selecting one with a larger power output is the better choice because it will be able to charge your laptop more quickly.

Important: Using a power bank with insufficient power output could result in your battery being discharged rather than charged, which would create additional problems.

Ports Compatibility

One of the simplest methods to charge your laptop is to plug in a portable charging adaptor. However, if you are like the majority of people, occasionally you might forget to charge it and allow it to run out before noticing there is no more power.

This might be annoying, especially if there are problems with your computer because the internal battery can already be dead.

The quickest way to recharge these devices with the least amount of work on your part is through a port for laptops with USB-C connectors.

Utilizing a solar panel and power bank is an additional method of charging your gadget. If you don’t have access to electricity or want to save energy, this is a great option.

You only need to connect the power bank to a computer or other charging device, and then position the solar panel in full sunshine.

So, before making a purchase, make sure to check your power bank’s port compatibility if you are unsure which one to get.

Finally, you can use power banks in unexpected or portable ways by attaching them to USB AC adapters and other devices.

The Capacity of the Power Bank

The amount of “stored energy” that a power bank has is what is commonly referred to as its battery capacity.

Given how hectic our lives are, it makes sense that we frequently run out of battery power on our laptops. Here is where a power bank is useful! It can charge not only a laptop but also other electronics like tablets, phones, and cameras.

The capacity of batteries, supercapacitors, and capacitors to store energy is measured in terms of wh. The mAh (milliamp-hours) or milliwatt has taken its place (mW). Power banks, which can charge a variety of gadgets and are available in various capacities, make charging even simpler.

So be sure to pick the appropriate power bank for the job, whether you are searching for a portable charger or one that serves general purposes.

Choosing the Right Power Bank for Charging Your Laptop

There are still a few other considerations to make even though the aforementioned factors are the most crucial ones to keep in mind when picking the finest power bank for your laptop charging needs.

Needs to be quickly charged? Watch out for power banks that have the ability to provide higher charging speeds. Do you frequently engage in software-intensive activities on your laptops, such as video editing or gaming?

Powerbank for charging Dell notebooks
Source: Amazon

Select a power bank with a greater capacity and power output to handle the quick energy usage. Consider switching to energy-saving mode as an alternative to help reduce energy consumption.

How Long Will It Take The Power Bank To Charge My Laptop?

Have you ever run out of juice and needed to fast recharge your laptop? No issue! You will be set to go if you keep an additional charger in your bag or backpack. Make sure you have enough time because it typically takes a power bank 2 hours to charge a laptop fully.

Power banks are also available in various sizes, so be sure the one you select is appropriate for your laptop.

Additionally, you may use it to recharge other gadgets like smartphones and tablets. Therefore, a power bank is an ideal answer whether you require a speedy charge or are simply searching for a way to power up several gadgets at once.


It can be difficult to charge your laptop, especially if you are low on battery. This article will teach you the secure and effective methods for charging your laptop with a power bank. We have also included advice on the finest power bank for charging your laptop.

Therefore, this article contains what you need whether you are seeking for a power bank with a big capacity or one that is secure and simple to use.