Best Phones with 5000mAh Battery [2023]

Regardless of the features, you desire in a smartphone, you should make sure it has a good battery life. If your phone becomes a paperweight after only a few hours of use, having a top-notch camera or a brilliant display for streaming video is useless.

Long battery life is crucial for certain people, whether it’s to keep connected to others or if you frequently travel for days at a time without access to a reliable power source.

We have all learned to accept cell phones with poor battery life. Even while the Apple iPhone used to always need charging by midday, it wasn’t the only offender.

However, thanks to significant advancements made by Apple.

Because consumers place such a high value on a phone’s durability, phone manufacturers are using bigger and bigger batteries to power their products.

Whether they are high-end versions or entry-level phones, 5,000 mAh batteries are common in phones.

However, large batteries don’t automatically equate to long-lasting phones; in order to rank among the gadgets with the highest phone battery life, you must have effective power management.

If charging during the day doesn’t bother you, you can certainly bring a power bank with you to recharge your phone when you’re not near a wall outlet.

However, if you don’t want to constantly check the battery icon, these are the phones to consider.

Best Phones with 5000mAh Battery

Here are the top options:

1. Axon 40 Ultra: Overall Best Pick

long battery life phone with 5000mAH battery
Source: Amazon

You might not be too acquainted with ZTE, but the company has previously produced some top-notch smartphones, like the Axon 30 Ultra.

With a hidden selfie camera that is located behind the display, the Axon 40 Ultra has an unusual design.

A triple 64-megapixel camera array and a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor look to be amazing specs. Can this outsider succeed, then?

A phone with such demanding screen specifications should have a battery with a capacity of at least 5000mAh, which is what the Axon 40 Ultra offers.

To fully determine how well this standard holds up, it must, however, be put to the test in the actual world since, frequently, numbers alone do not provide the full picture.

According to my own experience, the phone performed admirably, offering a respectable day’s worth of battery life when used both moderately and actively.

The battery may be quickly topped off once more with 65W wired charging when it needs to be recharged. We are unsure of how quickly the phone may be charged. 

You will need to use the conventional method of charging because there is no option for wireless charging here.

The Axon 40 Ultra’s design has a lot to recommend it. The matte black finish provides it with a classy and subtle appearance that is also useful.

Additionally, it feels well in your hands and has a nice texture.

The stunning full-size 6.8″ AMOLED display of the ZTE Axon 40 Ultra has no gaps, giving you endlessly, unbroken vistas.

Additionally, this Android phone includes a glass cover back with curved waterfall edges that have been specially combined to produce an aesthetically beautiful, firm-to-the-touch smartphone.

With the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, our most cutting-edge 5G chipset, the ZTE Axon 40 Ultra Cell Phone will revolutionize your experience with gaming and emulation on this phone.

With a 120Hz refresh rate and a 360Hz touch sampling rate enabled by this potent 5G CPU, your scrolling, touching, and viewing experiences will be improved.

However, I discovered that this phone’s day-to-day performance was quick and dependable and that games ran quickly and with excellent graphics.

I had no problems when using the gadget, and it performed admirably across a range of jobs.

This phone provides a 5G connection, dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.2, and NFC, as you might anticipate.

There are three high-resolution sensors in the camera arrangement, each with a 64-megapixel resolution: a wide-angle camera, an ultra-wide lens, and a telephoto sensor.


  • Standout design
  • Above average battery life.
  • Compact 65W Power Delivery charger
  • Big 5000mah battery
  • A distinctive camera setup
  • Best image and video quality.


  • There is no IP rating for water and dust protection.
  • Display colors are off.
  • Gaming has a low refresh rate.
  • Susceptible to extreme overheating.

2. OnePlus 11: Best Value Phone with 5000mAh Battery Life

oneplus 11 has 5000mAh battery capacity
Source: Amazon

The evolution of OnePlus’ smartphones has been anything but straightforward. The company first competed with traditional flagships as a flagship killer.

If you are looking for the best phone with big and long battery life then OnePlus 11 is the one for you.

It comes with a 5000 mAh battery, which easily extends beyond a day of heavy use.

Although OnePlus’ choice of 100W fast charging would appear to be a step down from the 150W charging on the OnePlus 10R and OnePlus 10T, we were unaffected by the change in practical usage.

The OnePlus 11’s 5000 mAh battery can be fully charged in around 25 to 30 minutes using the 100W charger that comes with the device.

On the other hand, given that there are products in that price range that include that function, many people could consider the lack of wireless charging to be a miss.

Wireless charging and reverse wireless charging are available on OnePlus.

The OnePlus 11 substantially adheres to the design of the OnePlus 10 Pro, despite the fact that it lacks the “Pro” suffix. 

With a tall Corning Gorilla Glass Victus curved display on the front and Gorilla Glass 5 on the back, it also looks classy indeed.

The aluminium frame has a power/display lock button and the Alert Slider, whose supposed doom has obviously been greatly overstated, is on its right.

On the left, there is a volume rocker. While the top is basic, the base contains a speaker grille, a USB Type C port, and a dual SIM slot.

The OnePlus 11 is a tall phone at 163.1 mm, and while it is quite thin at 8.5 mm, it weighs 205 grams, which is unquestionably heavy.

Moreover, it feels a little top-heavy due to the huge camera unit.

The curved 6.7-inch display on the front has a quad HD (3216 x 1440px) resolution, LTPO compatibility, and a 120 Hz refresh rate that varies from 1 Hz to 120 Hz.

The chipset that drives this phone is also among the best. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 CPU, the current preference among Android flagships, powers the OnePlus 11.

Together, those specifications result in a very strong performance. You can practically throw any game or task at the OnePlus 11 and it will handle it.

It has a ton of RAM and storage, including 16 GB RAM and 256 GB, in the best OnePlus flagship tradition.

Three top-notch Sony sensors are there on the back: a 50-megapixel Sony IMX890 primary sensor with OIS.

Moreover a 32-megapixel Sony IMX 709 telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom, and a 48-megapixel Sony IMX581 ultrawide sensor with a 115-degree field of view.

However, the front camera is only 16 megapixels, which is a slight decrease from the 32 megapixels on the OnePlus 11 Pro.

The phone also includes Dolby Atmos stereo speakers.


  • Great battery life
  • Improved cameras
  • Killer price
  • Excellent display
  • Smooth performance all around
  • Ships charger in the box
  • Amazing processor
  • Fast charging


  • Only splash proof
  • No wireless charging
  • Glossy and slippery

3. The Xiaomi Redmi 9C: Incredible Batter Life Phone

long battery life phone
Source: Amazon

Looking for a high-quality, reasonably-priced smartphone? The Xiaomi Redmi 9C smartphone is what I would like to introduce to you next.

It is among the most reasonably priced smartphones available in 2020, and it has fantastic features like a gorgeous, sizable display, a large battery, and a great design.

However, is the value for the money great? Will it face up against other cost-effective smartphones? Check out the Xiaomi Redmi 9C review to find out.

It is driven by a sizable battery with long battery life, a typical processor, memory with 2GB to 3GB of RAM, and storage space between 32GB and 64GB (depending on the choice of model).

All of this is available in three vibrant colours and a matte design finish.

 The phone has a sizable 5000 mAh battery as a start. Up to two days’ worth of use can be obtained with a battery this size.

Since this is a low-cost phone, rapid or wireless charging is not supported.

Starting with the screen, the Redmi 9C has a 6.53-inch IPS LCD display with a resolution of 720 x 1600. Overall, the screen looks fantastic.

It boasts beautiful hues and sharp, clear perspectives. As it gets darker outside, there is not a lot of brightness.

The design comes next. The matte coating of the Redmi 9C feels cosy and makes it easier to hold the phone.

There are three colors offered: Twilight Blue, Sunrise Orange, and Midnight Gray.

There is no IP68 rating, thus it is not waterproof or dust-proof.

The execution is respectable. To produce standard performance, the CPU and memory interact well.

It works well enough to carry out typical phone tasks, browse the web, access social media, and engage in some light gaming.

It has a MediaTek processor, between 32GB and 64GB of storage, and 2GB to 3GB of RAM.

Although they are very small, a micro SD slot allows you to add up to 500 GB of storage.

The Xiaomi Redmi 9C has a single-lens selfie camera on top and a triple-lens camera positioned on the back.

We can see a 13MP wide camera, a 5MP macro sensor, and a 2MP depth sensor on the rear.

The images are passable in general. During the day, they appear with good detail and vibrant colors.

The phone has a fingerprint sensor on the back as well as face recognition technology. They respond immediately, and there are no lags when it unlocks.

The sound output comes in third. A single stereo speaker is located at the bottom of the Redmi 9C. The audio is decent.

The music is serviceable, and the loudspeaker’s audio quality is good.

There is a headphone jack on top of the phone, or you may pair it with Bluetooth speakers to hear fuller audio. I highly recommend this phone if you are a delivery rider or you frequently play games.


  • Above-average camera experience.
  • Huge 5000 mAh battery.
  • It offers the latest user interface.
  • Long battery life
  • The secondary storage option is available


  • No option for fast charging.
  • Problems with heating.

4. TCL 30 XL: Affordable 5000mAh Battery Smartphone

TCL with 5000mAh Battery capacity
Source: Amazon

In 2022, the TCL 30 XL smartphone was introduced. 64 GB of internal storage, 6 GB of RAM, and Mediatek Helio A25 CPU power it.

Android OS 12.0 is the default operating system for the TCL 30 XL.

It includes a non-removable Li-Po 5000 mAh battery. It has a 6.82-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 720 x 1640 pixels.

This unlocked Android smartphone’s powerful 5000mAh battery will keep you entertained for up to 3 days on a single charge.

With 18W rapid charging and an option for on-the-go reverse charging, you can instantly charge and refuel your smartphone.

The TCL 30 XL ships with Android OS v12.0, but its firmware can be updated to a later version of the operating system.

The size of a screen is expressed in diagonal inches from corner to corner.

Multitouch is possible on the 6.82-inch IPS capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 720 x 1640 pixels.

The TCL 30XL android phone enables you to experience the excitement of cinematic viewing thanks to its 6.82-inch wide screen with a 20.5:9 aspect ratio and dual speaker design.

In addition to enhancing color, clarity, and contrast of images, the special TCL NXTVISION Technology may shield your eyes from damaging blue light.

This TCL phone is excellent for streaming video and making video calls, and it works well as a gaming phone.

The smartphone’s storage (64 GB) but not its memory (6 GB) can be increased with a microSD card.

The TCL 30 XL camera has focusing capabilities. An excellent feature of this smartphone is the autofocus camera feature, which fine-tunes the camera’s focus.

The 30 XL supports 3G and 4G. This smartphone has a GPS receiver built-in.

The precise location on Earth can be determined thanks to the satellite-based navigation technology known as GPS.

There is an FM radio receiver in this TCL smartphone.

You get a quick response time from this unlocked cell phone thanks to its Octa-Core processing and 6GB RAM storage.

Keep all of your priceless memories on the 64GB of built-in storage, and you can add up to 512GB more capacity with a Micro SD card (available separately).

Thanks to the floating window mode and the Android 12 operating system, multitasking is also made easy.

The face unlock feature on the phone offers a carefree experience filled with excitement.


  • Big 6.82-inch IPS display
  • Huge 5000mah battery
  • Fantastic Cameras
  • Long battery life
  • Ideal performance


  • No NFC
  • No 5G

5. OnePlus Nord N200: The Last Pick

OnePlus Nord
Source: Amazon

The value of the OnePlus Nord N200 is simple to understand. It is a powerful, svelte phone with an excellent design that makes it seem more expensive than its price would suggest.

If you only need a phone for watching Netflix and doing simple chores, this is a great affordable option.

In our testing, the 5000mAh battery of the OnePlus Nord 200 5G lasted more than 10 hours with the screen set to 60Hz and more than 10 hours and 30 minutes with the screen set to 90Hz.

For improved performance, I advise leaving the N200 locked at 90Hz due to the slight variation in battery depletion.

Even though you can only use 18W wired fast charging, the packaging does provide a charging cord and power brick.

Without needing to rehydrate until the evening, I managed to fit in a ton of phoning, texting, and Spotify streaming.

I even found time to play a little video gaming. The 6.49-inch IPS LCD screen of the N200 5G has a Full HD Plus (2400 x 1080 pixel) resolution gives tremendous results in gaming.

The phone has a sleek appearance that is appropriate for a low-cost gadget because, as was already said, the bezels aren’t excessively thick.

The selfie camera’s punch-hole is sized appropriately so that it won’t completely obscure the screen.

Although it lacks a little bit of sharpness, the display is quite functional and can handle movies and games well for a low-cost phone.

A good addition to a low-cost phone is the 90Hz refresh rate, which offers a smoother surfing and gaming experience than the 60Hz refresh rate of most low-cost phones’ displays.

The display is excellent for watching media because it has apps that let you change the resolution.

For example, when we watched Netflix, the picture was decent but not very clear, but when we changed the YouTube screen resolution to 1080p,

the display was able to present information with excellent clarity, especially in areas with strong lighting.

A Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 5G chipset and 4GB of RAM, which together are able to play games and movies relatively well, are the phone’s specs that start to reveal its limitations.

The phone’s 64GB of storage is about average for low-cost phones, but the microSD card’s 256GB maximum storage capacity appears unnecessarily small.

Also lacking greatly are the cameras. The other rear shooters, a 2MP depth and a 2MP macro camera, are less interesting.

Moreover, it’s disappointing to see the limited variety here given that other low-cost phones are starting to feature ultra-wide cameras.

The 13MP main shooter is capable of taking decent photos, but the other rear shooters, a 2MP depth and a 2MP macro camera are less interesting.


  • Crisp 90Hz display
  • Solid performance
  • Excellent 5G connectivity
  • Gorgeous 90Hz display
  • Excellent value
  • Headphone Jack
  • Fantastic battery life


  • Basic cameras
  • Bad software update policy
  • Limited RAM and storage


The top 5 smartphones with 5000mAH batteries have finally been reviewed. In addition, all of these devices have a large screen and great specs.

Consider an Android phone with long battery life if you want a smartphone that will last for a prolonged period.

From the list of smartphones above, pick any one that will work for your everyday needs.