Best Phone Grips That Work With Wireless Charging

Phone grips are a great way to keep your phone secure and prevent drops, but finding one that works with wireless charging can be a bit tricky. Luckily, there are some great options available that allow you to charge your phone wirelessly while still keeping it securely in your hand.

Some popular options include the PopSockets PopGrip with wireless charging, the Spigen Style Ring wireless charging grip, and the Belkin BoostUp wireless charging grip. These phone grips are all compatible with wireless charging, so you can keep your phone powered up and secure at the same time.

Best Phone Grips That Work With Wireless Charging

1. PopSockets Grip-Magichroma

Best Phone Grips That Work With Wireless Charging
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The Pop Socket Magichroma, along with the love handle, is the most well-known of the novel grips for the rear of iPhones and Android phones.

PopSockets Grip offers a secure grip so you can watch films hands-free, capture clearer images, and communicate with one hand.

Its replaceable top allows you to change your PopTop’s appearance or remove it entirely to enable wireless charging.

If you adored watches with removable coloured straps, you will undoubtedly enjoy the PopSocket’s appealing aesthetic appeal and customizable features.

Simply put, there are a ton of options, including plain, patterned, floral, geometric, nature-themed, zen, funky, and simply colorful bling.

The swappable PopTops, which come in a variety of stylish, useful colors and designs, attach to the base of the PopSockets, which are attached to the phone.

It offers a secure grip so you can use one hand to text, take clearer images, and view videos without using your other hand.

Its replaceable top allows you to change your PopTop’s appearance or remove it entirely to enable wireless charging.

PopGrips are compatible with PopWallet+, Otter + Pop cases, PopPower Home Wireless Charger, and PopMount 2.

This only sticks to the iPhone 11; it won’t stick to the iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max.

2. LOVEHANDLE Phone Grip

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The LoveHandle is a well-liked option among iPhone users due to its fashionable, slim form. It is quite thin when flat on the phone, making it very pocket-friendly.

The 3M adhesive used by the LoveHandle is incredibly durable but also effortlessly and residue-free detachable.

One of the finest phone loops among the online communities I belong to is this one, too.

Due to its thin and flexible design, the Love handle fits perfectly on the back of practically all phone models.

For instance, sometimes it can be difficult to take a selfie because you have to carefully reach out to hit the camera button while holding the phone in one hand.

With the LoveHandle, you can control the phone with just one hand and feel sure that it won’t fall out of your grasp.

The LoveHandle did not obstruct wireless charging on any of my tested smartphones because the material is so thin.

The love handle is one of the most popular phone holders for your hand to grab for either horizontal or vertical viewing.

However, the Love handle cannot be utilized as a phone stand, which is a drawback for some compared to other phone holders for your hand.

The best phone grip-strap with a handle I have ever used, this hand holder supports wireless charging.

It’s strong the kind of plastic used to make it feel comfortable yet durable in my hands.

Anyone who gets tired of holding the phone for a long time should utilize it, including children, parents, elders, and others.

Just remember that before using the LoveHandle grip, you should first attach the adapter to the back of your phone, whether it has a glass back or a silicon cover!

3. PopSockets: PopGrip – Expanding Phone Grip Compatible with Wireless Chargers

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The Pop Socket and Love Handle are the two most well-known unique grips for the back of iPhones and Android phones, respectively.

If you adored watches with removable coloured straps, you will undoubtedly enjoy the PopSocket’s appealing aesthetic appeal and customizable features.

Because the top pops, out and may be replaced with a PopTop in a new colour or pattern, the PopSockets brand of handholds is the most well-known.

Simply put, there are tons of options, including plain, patterned, floral, geometric, nature-themed, zen, funky, and simply colourful bling.

Mixing and matching different PopTops is so much fun! Even a PopTop that opens to reveal a mirror is available so you can always see how you look.

The swappable PopTops, which come in a variety of stylish, useful colours and designs, attach to the base of the PopSockets, which are attached to the phone.

When you want to use the PopTop as a handhold or a phone stand, pull it up; when you want to put your phone down, push it down to collapse it.

To use wireless charging, remove the PopTop; the base won’t get in the way.

4. Phone Loops: The Original Finger Strap for Mobile Phone With Wireless Charging

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Phone Loops are relatively affordable and easy to use, but you must use a case with your phone for them to function.

Practically any phone case is compatible with this universal phone grip strap.

Simply insert one end of the strap into the phone case.

The other end through the camera or power hole, and then adjust the strap’s looseness or tightness with your fingers before inserting the other end of the strap into the phone case as well.

The Phone Loops will be firmly held in place after your phone is tucked away within the case.

The Phone Loops lie flat against the casing when not in use.

You can type with one hand, hold objects in your hand, talk on the phone hands-free, and lie down in any position without the phone falling.

The Phone Loops lack a kickstand feature, unlike the majority of the other phone holders in this section.

However, the straps come in a variety of colourful designs and bright hues to suit your personal style.

One of the best phone hand grips to utilize instead of a pop socket is the Phone Loops.

5. Phone Holder, 3 Pack Mermaid Pattern Expanding Grip Stand

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This phone grip will adhere to almost all smartphones, tablets, and cases for these devices.

Three phone stand holders are provided in the package in case one comes off.

These phone grip carriers are simple to open and fold for storage. You will discover a sizable hollowed-out area in the center where you may safely hold your phone.

Additionally, they have a self-adhesive construction that makes sticking and peeling them simple.

With the intriguing, one-of-a-kind patterns that this pop socket substitute offers, you may give your phone a distinctive look.

These finger stand holders are lightweight, constructed of strong plastic that won’t fade, and are quite useful.

During our test, the original pop socket proved to be the most dependable option, although this serves as a reliable substitute for a phone grip.

However, it is practical to keep your phone firmly in place, and you can adjust the base for a comfortable viewing position.

What is a Phone Grip?

A phone grip commonly referred to as a “Phone hand holder,” is a reasonably priced phone accessory that can be attached to the back of your smartphone with a non-reusable or reusable adhesive.

A pop socket is a tiny, elliptical object that swivels around to fit over the back of your phone.

It strengthens your grip and relieves finger pains at the same time. Pop plugs are little, insignificant objects, but they can significantly alter how you use your phone.

They make it simple to view your screen while sending texts, snapping pictures, or performing nearly any other action on your device.

The quality, meanwhile, was never as satisfying as that of a pop socket or love handle phone accessory.

Many have fashionable, unique, and on certain varieties, even customisable printed designs.

Which Mobile Phone Grips Support Wireless Charging?

Phone grips that support wireless charging are frequently thinner and compatible with a variety of cases.

They are capable of Qi Charging, and if your phone case isn’t too bulky, most of them will easily operate to charge while the phone hand holder is on.

Make sure your phone is in a charging-friendly posture when utilizing a phone grip strap on the rear of the device.

So that the two devices will be able to communicate wirelessly.

Comparison of Phone Loops, Grips, and Holders

The phone grip and the phone holder are one and the same.

The Phone Loop, on the other hand, is a little unique because it is made of a material that may be used to better hold your device because it is formed like a half-oval.

It performs the same function as a phone grip/hand holding but does so with a lighter material and a loop shape rather than a ball shape.

Instead of using large or collapsible phone grips, people looking for a basic, understated style should go for a phone loop strap.

A solid phone grip strap will not only be reliable in terms of a hold that doesn’t break or shatter, but it will also be comfy.

These phone accessories aren’t just for folks with little or large hands; they’re also great for people with slightly arthritic hands that aren’t as flexible.

It is also helpful for those who wear gloves or are simply hesitant to operate their phablet with one hand.

Phone Grip TypeMagnetic capabilityWireless Charging capabilityPhone stand Capability        Design Type
Phone GripNoYes, sometimesYesSturdy
Phone Loop        NoYes, alwaysNoSlim
Phone Ring        YesYes, sometimesYesHeavy Duty

Benefits and Drawbacks of Phone Hand Holders and Phone Grip


  • Those who are holding their phone in the cold can benefit greatly from a phone grip.
  • Additionally, it can help an elderly person or someone who might have problems gripping the phone.
  • The Phone grips, on the other hand, have the advantage that you can use them when running or walking on concrete or other hard surfaces when even the slightest slip could result in your phone breaking.


  • The first drawback is that it requires you to stick an adhesive to the back of your phone, which can be annoying and result in the adhesive being stuck to your phone.
  • The second drawback is if you put them on a bulky cover or if you put them in the wrong spot, they could interfere with your wireless charger or phone ports.


It’s crucial to keep in mind that the design comes first while looking for the best phone grip with wireless charging capability as well as the finest phone grip overall.

Some are bulkier than others, and several have wireless charging capabilities but only with specific kinds of thin, small covers.

The love handle is a more modest alternative to the pop socket, which is a well-liked, in-vogue option for people who don’t want a big tool on the back of their phone.