Best Curved Gaming Monitor Under $200 in 2023

Curved gaming monitors can add a sense of immersion to your gaming experience, but they can be quite expensive. However, it is still possible to find a great curved gaming monitor for under $200.

Curved monitors wrap around your field of vision, allowing you to see more at a regular viewing distance. This makes for a more immersive, distortion-free viewing experience and lessens eye fatigue.

Curved screens are also advantageous for gaming, particularly those with quick response times and high refresh rates. The best PCs you can buy look fantastic when used with these monitors. Compared to flat panels, curved gaming monitors provide a more immersive gaming experience.

They accomplish this by enlarging your field of vision to include more of the screen’s sides. The radius of curved monitors indicates how aggressive the curve is; a smaller value, such as 1000R, indicates an aggressive curve, while a larger number, such as 1900R, indicates a more subtle curve.

The ideal curved monitor for you will depend on your demands and budget. Ultrawide screens with VA panels are the standard for curved monitors, while 27 and 32-inch options are available.

5 Best Curved Gaming Monitors Under $200 Budget

Here are the top picks from our side:

1. CRUA 27-inch – Overall Best Pick

low budget gaming monitor
Source: Amazon

If you want a curved gaming monitor but are on a tight budget, there are a few good possibilities. The CRUA 27-inch is a great choice.

You may be interested in any of the long list of features for gaming monitors. The CRUA 27-inch appears to check off most of the boxes thanks to a curved screen, adjustable RGB lighting, FreeSync support and plenty of gaming settings.

The device’s 27-inch curved screen has a 1800R radius, which places the entire display at eye level. The 27-inch panel offers better visibility even though it is the smallest curved monitor you could get.

If you decide to buy two or three of the monitors and utilize them side by side, the curve should offer a respectable sense of immersion.

To make your viewing experience more comfortable, you may adjust the tilt in a wide range from -5° to 15°. If you desire even more adaptability, the monitor’s back will also accept a 100 mm x 100 mm VESA mount. You can then attach the monitor to a wall mount or an articulated monitor arm as a result.

Additionally, the blue light filter and 99% sRGB colour gamut provide flicker-free viewing all day. It is painless to watch content for extended periods.

The CRUA 27” provides exceptional gaming performance with a 144Hz refresh rate and support for both FreeSync and G-SYNC to reduce screen tearing.

It also enables low frame rate adjustment, which allows the VRR to keep running at low frame rates. The CRUA 27, which features a 1920 x 1080 resolution and a 144Hz refresh rate, is a respectable gaming alternative.

The curved display uses a VA (Vertical Alignment) screen to accomplish its higher refresh rate, stronger contrast compared to IPS, and robust colour performance.

While there isn’t any motion blur and the general response time is still good, It also has minimal input lag, which remains constant no matter what frame rate you are playing at.

2. Z-Edge UG27 27-inch – Affordable Curved Gaming Monitor Under $200

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This is another fantastic gaming monitor under $200 while playing video games or watching movies. The 1500R-curved display added an immersive element and helped to fill our peripheral vision, significantly expanding the range of view.

The curved monitor provides total immersion and fully integrates you into every aspect of your life. The quick 200 Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time allow for an ultra-smooth and fluid gaming experience with faster frame rendering and less input lag.

Additionally, thanks to premium Free Sync technology, issues with input lag, screen tearing, and other aspects of gameplay are all resolved.

Flicker-free and low-blue light features keep your eyes healthy after prolonged use. The display offers you breathtaking, crystal-clear visuals with FHD 1920*1080 quality when combined with HDR technology.

In the daytime, HDR will balance exposure, and at night, it will improve clarity. Having two HDMI inputs and a Display port, the monitor supports various device connections.

Thanks to the superb 200Hz refresh rate enabled by Display Port and the 144Hz refresh rate provided by HDMI ports, users could enjoy gaming at a professional level.

The monitor is readily mountable on a wall or mounting arm thanks to its 100*100mm VESA mount, allowing you to freely choose where it should be placed.

This sleek monitor’s three-sided edge-to-edge design makes it easy to expand your views when utilizing two monitors at once. 

3. ViewSonic Omni VX2418C – A High-End Gaming Monitor for Low Budget

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Source: Amazon

The ViewSonic Omni VX2418C gaming monitors” offer a fantastic viewing experience for work or play thanks to their immersive 1500R curved screen and Full HD 1080p resolution.

This 24″ monitor eliminates screen tearing and stuttering for a fluid gaming experience with features including a high 165Hz refresh rate, 1ms (MPRT) response time, and AMD FreeSync Premium technology.

Discover a terrific viewing experience that is incredibly immersive, rich with brilliant colour and astonishing detail by submerging yourself in a 1500R-curved screen’s panoramic views and ultra-thin bezels.

Whatever the pace of the game’s action, this monitor’s rapid 165Hz refresh rate guarantees flawless frame loading and stunning visuals.

Moreover with a 1ms (MPRT) MPRT reaction time, smooth pictures are generated, reducing motion blur and ghosting.

This display uses AMD FreeSync Premium technology, which uses VESA Adaptive-Sync connectivity, to seamlessly synchronize the frame rate output.

The Full HD 19201080 resolution on this display provides astounding pixel-by-pixel image performance. This monitor will let you experience the most amazing clarity and detail whether you are working, playing, or viewing the most recent digital entertainment.

Utilizing its practical VESA-compatible mount architecture, you can mount the monitor, however, you see fit.

The VX2418C supports laptops, desktop computers, and Macs with HDMI and DisplayPort inputs. This monitor’s two inbuilt speakers deliver stereo sound together with outstanding screen performance for a rich multimedia experience.

4. SAMSUNG 23.5” CF396 – Budget-Friendly Pick with HD Display

Samsung Curved screen gaming monitor for tight budget
Source: Amazon

The most affordable curved gaming monitor is the Samsung CF396. The Samsung CF396 is a reasonably priced curved monitor that works well for business, gaming, and other daily tasks. It is a newer version of the Samsung CF390.

You get a fantastic contrast ratio of 3,000:1, which enhances the clarity and vividness of dark hues. In comparison to IPS and TN panel displays, which have a contrast ratio of 1,000:1, the blacks on this display are much deeper.

The image won’t noticeably shift in colour, contrast, or brightness when you look at the screen from different angles thanks to VA panels’ wide 178-degree viewing angles.

Input latency on the Samsung CF396 curved gaming monitor is 11ms, which is low enough to eliminate observable delays.

Furthermore, the 4ms response time successfully eliminates the trailing and motion blur of moving objects. When black pixels predominate in the image, there is a tiny amount of smearing, but it is tolerable.

You can use FreeSync, which synchronizes the refresh rate of the display with the frame rate of the GPU if your graphics card is AMD FreeSync compliant. Screen tearing and stuttering are fully eliminated as a result.

If you undertake colour-critical work, there are better solutions available even if the colours are bright with genuine 8-bit depth (16.7 million colours).

Additionally, the Samsung CF396 monitor has a 23.5-inch viewable screen with a 1080p resolution. Moreover, a respectable pixel density of 93 PPI, results in sharp and clear details and a respectable amount of screen space.

Now, the viewing experience isn’t significantly changed despite the 1800R screen curvature on a display of this size making it appear more intriguing.

Due to the small screen size, immersion in games and movies may be marginally increased, but there is no wow factor.

Thanks to the joystick that is located at the back of the display, navigating the (On-Screen Display) menu is simple.

You can adjust the gamma, colour temperature, sharpness, brightness/contrast, and other common settings.

Other helpful features include Eye Saver Mode, which blocks damaging low-blue light, and Samsung MagicUpscale, which improves the quality of low-resolution images.

Although the monitor’s stand can only be tilted by -4° to 20°, you can install the screen on a different stand using the 75x75mm VESA pattern.

The bezels might be a little bit slimmer despite the overall slim design. It’s a fantastic display for a multi-monitor setup nonetheless.

A headphone jack, VGA, and HDMI 1.4 are available for connectivity.

5. KOORUI 24-Inch Curved Monitor – Cheapest Sub-$200 Pick

sub 200 dollars curved gaming monitor
Source: Amazon

The Koorui 24E4 is a gaming monitor with a 165Hz refresh rate for smooth gameplay and it is surely the cheapest on the list.

It is the best-selling gaming monitor and has a VA panel with a 1080p screen resolution. This gaming monitor from Koorui is reasonably priced and comes from a company that makes budget monitors.

Because it contains all the capabilities necessary to meet gamers’ needs, it is a terrific package for those on a tight budget.

In this complete review of the Koorui 24E4 165Hz gaming monitor, we will cover everything from the gaming experience to the monitor’s design.

For the price it is offered, the Koorui has a lot of potential. More costly displays have performed worse than this.

The primary selling point of this gaming monitor is its reasonable cost. The Koorui is not the ideal monitor for use in an office setting due to its constrained viewing angles and VA panel.

This gaming monitor is FreeSync and G-Sync compatible and offers a refresh rate of 165Hz. Consequently, it is ideal for gaming.

It is not a good option for entertainment since it lacks built-in speakers. Additionally, the 1080p screen resolution makes it subpar for media creation.

From the front, the Koorui 24E4 has a rather plain appearance. From a distance, it is difficult to identify it as a gaming display.

The bottom bezel has the Koorui emblem in the centre, and the bezels are extremely tiny. From the front, it appears upscale.

On the right side of the bottom bezel, there are indications for the OSD menu buttons. From behind, the Koorui seems straightforward.

Due to the lack of a similar design or trims at the back, it appears to be an office monitor. It supports 75x75mm interface VESA mounting.

This monitor can be mounted on a wall or a bespoke monitor arm. The Koorui 24” is ideal for numerous gaming configurations because of its extremely narrow bezels.

A high-quality material was used in the construction of the Koorui 24 gaming monitor. As a result, the build quality is modest, but the parts fit together well.

There is no cable management hole on the stand for this game monitor to route the cables through.

As a result, using this monitor to create a cable-free desk layout is challenging. 

What to Look for In A Curved Gaming Monitor on Budget

When shopping for a curved gaming monitor, there are several important factors to consider:

Screen size

Curved gaming monitors typically come in sizes ranging from 27 inches to 34 inches. Consider the size of your desk and the distance from which you will be viewing the monitor to determine the best size for you.


A higher resolution will give you a clearer image, but it will also require more powerful hardware to run. Consider what resolution your current graphics card can support before making a decision.

Refresh rate

A higher refresh rate means that the image on the screen will be updated more frequently, resulting in a smoother gaming experience. A refresh rate of 144Hz or higher is ideal for gaming.

Response time

This is the amount of time it takes for a pixel to change color. A lower response time means less motion blur, which is especially important in fast-paced games. Look for a response time of 1ms or less.

Panel technology

Curved gaming monitors generally use one of two types of panel technology: VA (vertical alignment) or IPS (in-plane switching). VA panels typically have better contrast and deeper blacks, but IPS panels have better color accuracy and wider viewing angles.

Adaptive sync technology

FreeSync and G-Sync are adaptive sync technologies that can help eliminate screen tearing and stuttering by syncing the refresh rate of the monitor with the frame rate of the graphics card.


The price point of a curved gaming monitor can vary greatly, it’s important to have a budget in mind so you can choose a monitor that fits your needs without breaking the bank.

It’s also good to read the reviews of other users, so you can get a better sense of what other people think of the monitor you’re considering, and also is important to check the warranty and return policy of the manufacturer before making a purchase


These are the top 5 best-curved monitors under $200 that you should take into account while making your decision.

However, you should take into account all the factors listed in this article before purchasing any monitor. Yes! Curved monitors are excellent for first-person shooter games as well as other types of gaming.

It’s hard to emphasize how well they can ‘draw’ you into their games and surround you. A curved gaming monitor will be an excellent choice for FPS gaming. Now up to you to choose from the list that matches you the best.